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    Im starting to have some troubles when i sit down in my diapers, sometimes they leak out of the back sides and will get my pants wet, anyone know how to fix this?

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    Yeah, I get this problem too. Not sure what the solution is. I'd like to know how to avoid it too. People might say plastic pants but I don't want to use those. I think the only time I haven't leaked after sitting down in a used nappy is when I waited for ages, perching uncomfortably on the edge of my chair, until it absorbed more deeply or did whatever it did during that time!

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    You could:
    A. Find a better diaper.
    B. Change to a cleaner one.
    C. Have a snug fit and make sure there no loose bits.

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    And the answer is: all of the things in the post above this one, plus plastic pants.

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    Would it worse for females - leaks while sitting? I can't get a bladder-full in an otherwise decent nappy, when sitting, because it can't seep up to the back and it can't travel far up the front. It's all concentrated on the middle part, where it is put under the pressure of sitting on it.

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    Molicare super-plus. They wick very well and absorb very fast. If you still leak with a good fit in these, I don't know what else you can do.

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    Well, if you're wearing a diaper, you shouldn't be holding it until your bladder if full. Thats your first mistake. You should go as often as possible, then your diaper only has to absorb small ammounts.

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    First: Get the RIGHT Size for YOU.
    Second: Get the right absorbsion-level for the time you plan to wear and how much you leak during that time.

    Snug, and no sagging.

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