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    I'm not a DL who wears 24/7 (although that would be pretty cool). I just wear mostly in the evening/night and hardly ever wet till the diapers begin to smell from sweating. Can a taped Diaper be taken off a few times with out the tapes becoming not sticky? Can you like use double sided tape to fix it??

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    It varies from diaper to diaper. Some are refastenable, some aren't.

    Gather some information on the product before you commit to buy to it. Most brands clearly state and advertise they are refastenable if they are.

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    I am a major fan of double-side tape to re-sticky tapes after they've been unstuck a few times. Sticks better than the original adhesive, but rips the nappy up pulling it off, so i only use it when I've worn the nappy with it's normal tapes first and I intend to use and throw away the nappy.

    Some have refastenable tapes, as Lukie says. Wearing these ones, I have sometimes undone one side to use the toilet then taped it back on. When I tape back on, I try to match the tapes back onto the (blue) landing part of the tapes that are still stuck on the front. That way I can peal them off again without tearing the plastic of the nappy. Sometimes they don't stick back on brilliantly but I usually get maybe two refastenings out of them. Sometimes I might alternate which side I open.

    Taking right off though, yeah, same should work with refastenable tapes. Just fold them back into position and they should be ready for another time. I do this to make my night-time stash last twice as long. I wear one night but don't 'use', then the next night I wear the same one, use it, throw it and start again.

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    Anyone know if the Walgreens Certanty Diapers have refastenable tapes??

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    Quote Originally Posted by DL69047 View Post
    Anyone know if the Walgreens Certanty Diapers have refastenable tapes??
    Walgreens has or had a refastanable diaper it had velcrow strips, I had a pack, aside from them being that cloth like material they were not that bad.

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    Anyone use Certainty Daipers?? Are they good (for someone like me)?

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    If you do it right you can pull down a diaper just like a pullup they can tear if you are not careful and won't be as tight when you pull them back up but I do it all the time

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    The only diaper briefs I can use are the walgreens ones and although they are reastnable the tapes will take a little of the cloth off with each pull, so if you should try and find a new spot on the diaper if youve refastned once or twice. I can usually wear one for about 8-12 hours before needing to remove it. It does hold initially well but the longer you have it on the less effective the tapes are at refastining.

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