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Thread: I need a good punishment

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    Default I need a good punishment

    [CENTER]I need a good punishment .

    My name is greg, and I just returned from a 2 week road trip, which my wife sent me on. Just so that I could see the sight while diapered.

    A bit of a back ground is that I have been in diaper since December and will remain in diaper until 2010, due to loosing a bet. I have been for the large part a baby/slave these past 7 months.

    For more on my story check “Help Decide A Dissagrement” on this forum or on dailydiapers site.
    Well I got a speeding ticket and mommy, in addition to corner time and spankings already received, Sara wants some additional ideas for my punishment.

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    [LEFT]She should make you eat ice and salt! That would be killer![/B]

    Or maybe she should make you [I] let her take a shopping spree with all your savings. That would suck too.


    You should make an intro thread before asking us if your wife should give you red wine with fish or not.

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    Ok, can I make one or two suggestions?

    Firstly, maybe you could move this to the introductions forum, since it's your first post and you are well... introducing yourself.

    Also, that seems like a reasonably far fetched story to me, and I'm not accusing you of lying, I', just saying that if you're going to say something so incredulous then maybe you should take the time to get to know us all first, and give us time to get to know you, if you want a good reaction.

    Why don't you tell us a little bit more about yourself outside the whole diaper thing - remember we're all people too, and we all have outside interests.

    EDIT: You mentioned Sara... I'm assuming you're not the other half of sarasmiles ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by talula View Post
    [. . .]

    EDIT: You mentioned Sara... I'm assuming you're not the other half of sarasmiles ?
    If he is, he's lying about the punishment.

    So I don't think he's the other half of sarasmiles.

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    Dude... you've got your crap all over fetish sites like WetSet and Dailydiapers.

    That kind of discussion is not what ADISC was designed for.

    If you're not getting enough answers to satisfy your lovely fantasy on either of those sites... don't bring it over here.

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    Have her enter you in one of those wacky Japanese game shows.

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    Sorry, but we're a support site. Not a 'help your fantasies come true' site.

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