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Thread: You win the jackpot on the lottery..

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    Default You win the jackpot on the lottery..

    what is the first thing you spend money on?

    I would personally buy a nice bottle of whisky to celebrate and then look into booking a trip into space.

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    How much is this money, or better yet, how much do I get after taxes.

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    So $167,084,377.61 for Americans
    $180,100,250.62 for Canadians
    $199,832,915.62 for Australians
    €117,209,690.89 for whoever uses that
    15,818,713,450.29 (for the couple of people in Japan).

    Anyways, for that amount, I'd buy a nice car and house, definitely. I'd quit my job, get a degree (at the best money can buy too). Go on vacation.

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    I'd buy a new computer...
    Maybe a house later.
    A car?
    I would drop out of school. Who needs it? I got a fricken butt load of money! Haha.

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    I would invest some and save the rest on the bank. Get a cheap car and a cheap apartment AFTER I'm done living with my mother (I'm 17, so I have a while left). After this, I would probably not touch the money again until I set up a private consultation (or clinic? IDK the term... Place where I would see my talk and analyze my patients.) when I'm done with medschool and postmedschool studies being a shrink and all [psychiatrist shrink, not the psychologist type.]. I would also teach whatever I'm best on (obviously, medical-related) at a university. And then... when I have my future safe, I'd buy a very luxurious house and a great sports car (a Tesla Roadster, you know.. You can never care too much about the ecosystem).

    Remember, people don't remain rich by blowing off all their money. It's the rich poor man's "syndrome" and typical behavior for people with new-found money to get their money, spend it all, and cut off their money income possibilities (like dropping out of school or quitting a job) just to be left poor at the end with less chances of getting money than before, because money comes and goes but time and intelligence don't, as well with physical capabilities [you will never get those 3 back]. Gotta think before you act

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    Hmm, pay off some remaining minor debts, do what i've wanted to with my computing configuration (five monitors, etc), go on a worldwide multi-location holiday, give my mother 1 million [as that's all she wants apparently], and er, probably buy a flat somewhere.

    As for the rest of it, i'm not entirely sure, although I do have some ideas.

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    Invest at least 50 million (rounding off for sake of simplicity) in Treasury Inflation Protected Securities to protect my long term wealth. Invest at least 30 million in a moderately conservative way. Use 10 million as venture capital for something. Use the last 10 million for a week in vegas with hookers and blow.

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    Invest in a good education. Despite being wealthy, I would retain my work ethic and seek intellectual prestige. Other than that, invest in Real Estate when the market recovers. For fun, I'd bring a dozen friends to Anthrocon next year and book a huge suite. That would be the bees knees, I think.

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