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Thread: Wearing diapers in a 2 bedroom apartment.

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    Default Wearing diapers in a 2 bedroom apartment.

    I know some of you have had the guts to wear to bed in even the same room as someone and not get caught. I don't know if any of you would dare do that with your absolute best friend though. I've known this guy since preschool, and we will be living in the same apartment. I want to get some advice from anyone who has lived in an apartment with someone else, most importantly a best friend who has no idea about your diapers.

    We will be in separate rooms, of course, and it's not the wearing that I'm worried about, it's the smell and the garbage disposing that is making me think if it's even worth the risk. I'm seeking creative answers out of good ADISC personal experiences. There is usually always a temporary place we need to store our used diapers, because rarely do we dispose them one at a time. I don't understand where I'm going to do this or how things are going to work out. I don't understand how parcels work either. I know if it is too large to fit in your mailbox, there might be a sticky note to tell you to go pick it up at the post office or something, but i've heard of my other friends having the deliverer place the parcel in the entrance to the apartment complex as well. That wouldn't go over too well if it wasn't discreetly packaged (and you can't always count on it to be if you're experimenting with many types).

    I'd just appreciate any personal apartment advice for those who have shared an apartment with a friend who doesn't know.

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    I'm actually having this same predicament... This will be interesting to me, as well.

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    Black trash bags... lots of baking soda... incense if he can tolerate it... aaaaaand does your bedroom have a window?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
    Black trash bags... lots of baking soda... incense if he can tolerate it... aaaaaand does your bedroom have a window?
    yeah it will, I don't want to be using incense and all that but thanks anyway.

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    How is trash disposed of at your complex are there dumpsters or do you have individual wheele bins. If its dumpsters keep some shopping bags in your room and seal the used diapers in them then take them to the dumpster ASAP. This may mean many trips to the dumpster a week but its the cost of being discrete. If you have your own bin its a little more difficult as there is always the risk your roommate will see the diaper in the trash at some point. For deliveries if possible perhaps you could get a post office box and have them delivered there that way you avoid the risk of having them dropped at your front door. Even with these steps there is a decent chance you will screw up at some point and he will see a diaper it happens to the best of us and you will need to have some excuse ready. You can go with bedwetting embarrassing but more sympathetic or you can go with some version of the truth. Good luck hope it works out

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    Bury them, lol. A hole in the floor, just like one of those creepy guys that buries dead bodies in the basement. Bury used diapers there, haha. Then dispose of them when possible. Or, get an air-tight plastic box. Place there for untill disposal is possible. Pack with baking soda and good-smelling stuff like popourri or something.

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    dude if he really is your best friend then he probably shouldn't care. He might be weirded out at first but he'll get used to it so long as your not... like overly open about it. i mean don't not care if he walks in on you wearing a diaper. ease him into it.

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    But simply telling a friend can be hard. I have several friends that i'm sure would be cool with it if i told them, and i'm positive they wouldn't tell anyone else. Nevertheless, i don't tell them because i'd rather keep it to myself than work up the courage to tell them or have myself change in their eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the-ownage View Post
    yeah it will, I don't want to be using incense and all that but thanks anyway.
    Ok then how about essential oils? Anything to cover up the smell, but the baking soda should do a pretty good job of it. If you are really all that concerned try changing your diet and don't want to be spending all of your money on air-freshening products, try changing your diet.

    Avoid coming out at all costs, even if he is your best friend... That's the last thing you want to do in any situation.

    But the window is good... if you want to avoid taking the trash through the apartment drop it out the window or on the balcony (if your on the bottom level) and go outside and then take it to the dumpster (that is if that is how your complex disposes of waste. That is how all of them around here do)

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    There should be one type of ventilation fan in your apartment, be it bathroom fan or kitchen. With window, get a window fan and have it blowing out.
    Negative pressure is the key. Inside air goes out, outside air comes in.

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