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Thread: What does "next weekend" mean to you?

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    Default What does "next weekend" mean to you?

    Lets say today is Monday and someone says to you "Hey do you want to go swimming next weekend?"

    What do you think which weekend they are talking about? This coming weekend or the weekend that is next week?

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    I think it means the weekend coming up so if today is friday, when they say next weekend, I would think the mean like tomorrow and sunday

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    Next weekend is the one after the one coming up. If i ever get confused i just ask for the date they want to chill

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    for me it's the weekend coming up but as always i ask to be reminded of the date a few days before. always eliminates confusion

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    The weekend after this one. If they had wanted to hang this weekend, they would have said this weekend.

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    I don't know. I will say next weekend to mean the weekend coming from friday to monday and then next weekend to mean the weekend after from tues - thurs, and 'this coming weekend' if i meant the weekend coming.

    Normally I just specifiy: 'next weekend, as in not the day after tomorrow, but a week on saturday'

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    If someone said next weekend to me today, I would assume they meant the weekend after this (8th Aug)

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    Depends how early on the Monday they said it.
    12am-6am This weekend.
    6am+ Next week.

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    I'd ask for clarification. Their idea of 'next weekend' may not be the same as your idea of 'next weekend'.

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