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Thread: Review: European Tena Slip Maxi

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    Cool Review: European Tena Slip Maxi

    I've just received a pair of these European-style Tena Slip Maxis from Acecool (read: winning macro thread FTW). Figured I'd take some time and do a little review.

    1.) The Outs

    The feel of this diaper from the outside is kind of different than you'd see in traditional Plastic-backed diapers. For these Tenas, they feel almost styrofoam! Somewhat of a mixture of fabric and plastic.

    2.) Thickness

    These diapers are pretty well thickened -- a nice getaway from Maximum Absorbency Depends that I'm used to. Not as much as a Bambino, but they do hold their place. Those who enjoy thickness (as myself) won't have to double up or use a stuffer to be satisfied as someone like me would have to with a Depend.

    3.) Tapes

    Ahhh, refastenable tapes! Finally! Ever have to adjust your tapes and then you have the plastic tear and stick to the tape, completely invalidating both the tapes and the diapers? With Tena (like Bambino), NO MORE! You can adjust as much as you need/like, and it'll always refasten.

    4.) Color/Wetness indicator

    These diapers have two sets of wetness indicators, a yellow pattern, as well as a blue pattern. Half-way wetting, the yellow begins to disappear. Near the full-mark of the diaper does the blue pattern start to disappate.

    5.) Breatability

    It's interesting, maybe the styrofoam-y texture that these diapers have are to contribute, but against the Depends I'm used to, these are fantastic. Usually in Depends on a mild day -- or even a cool day! -- sweating would be a horrible issue. With these, my thighs breathe easily and I don't sweat. Period.

    6.) Absorbency

    I was able to last through 2 Big Gulps from 7-Eleven on one of these diapers before it was time for a change. A Depends, for measure, would take about half of a Big Gulp.

    7.) Staying Alive!

    Ever notice with Cheap-o brand diapers that the gel inside tend to fall apart and clot together, effectively rendering the diaper useless? I was able to walk to and from 7-Eleven and Dunkin' Donuts in this one diaper, and take care of a whole Big Gulp wetting -- *without* clumping. I got all the way home and took care of another Big Gulp, still no breakage. Magnificent!

    8.) Stealth

    I myself enjoy not being stealth. I like noisy, apparent diapers. But, that's just me. Those who enjoy being stealthy will enjoy Tenas, because they barely make any noise. Again, I'm sure that it has to do with the styrofoam-ish plastic backing. They're pretty silent, quite a drastic difference between a Tena and a Depend. For those who want the best of both worlds, take a Tena and cut a few holes, and double up with a Depend on top. You get Crinkle, a bit of added thickness in addition to the Tena, as well as Absorbency and comfort.

    9.) Availability

    Unfortunately, these are European. This is probably the first and last I'll ever see of these diapers (unless I win some more contests ^_^!). In the UK though, I'm sure you'll be able to find these at local drug/convenience stores.

    10.) Overall

    8/10. Personal rating, the only two things wrong with these diapers (for me!) are the lack of crinkle and the availability.

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    I have always wanted to try these. Sadly the lack of availability is a killer.

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    i so want to tri those as well have have looked into ordering a case form a suppler there, "shudders" 100 bucks for the case, 200 hundred for shipping (not actual numbers but really close) one day i will tri them and see what they are about, but for now ill look at them from the other side of the pond

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    Tena Slip Maxi are amazingly fantastic! :-)

    How much d'ya think it would cost to send 2/3 to the US from the UK?

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    I would like to try them once, but for the prices listed above I could get bambinos.

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    I am going to start ordering pallets of these when business starts picking up :-)

    I have 5 packs of medium, 3 of small and 3 of large coming on a container... still waiting for them...

    A pallet has about 16 cases, 3 packs in each - I talked to a distributor in Germany that is willing to supply me here, and make it affordable, and to help with that process I am signing up to Fedex shipping etc etc - if I ship enough, they will make the rate low enough where I can ship everything 100% discreetly.. (Currently the Wellness cases are not shipped discreet, everything else is.)

    If you want to try the Tenas, they are available here - Thank you mm3 for the great review :-)

    Acecool Medical - Stocks the elusive Wellness Brief

    5% discount off any European diaper I sell for ADISC members - use coupon : ADISCORG

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    Despite usually being a medium-sized person, I got a packet of the smalls which I finished off a few months ago. Whilst a little tight, they certainly held their own. The absorbency on these things is superb and they retain wetness from leaks amazingly. The mediums are even better.

    All round, a high quality diaper. I personally enjoy them more than any other diaper. The only other brand I've enjoyed as much are Molicare.

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    Aye Lukie, these were Medium and they were a bit tight on me D:

    I don't consider myself fat... but meh

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    I've been reading your reviews and comments with interest because I just bought a pack of Tena Slip Super. No, not Maxi - there were Maxi, but I chose Super since I have plenty of big 'Tender' Night nappies and I wanted to stock my 'slightly more discreet' stash. Naturally I am quite excited to be able to try this brand for the first time. I thought the tapes look small and thin, and the middle of the pad has a rougher, gauze-like texture. But perhaps this enables better wicking. The leg cuffs look strong, with three strands of relatively thick elastic. The large landing zone looks great for the top tapes, but I usually stick the bottom tapes lower than this landing zone. Still, I am happy to be trying a brand I've not tried before.

    Having tried one:

    The fit is not bad. I wouldn't want a smaller one though. I have medium Kendall Lille but medium Tena seems smaller. Still, this is good for discretion as they don't come up too far. The plastic backing really is quiet, not silent, but discreet. The gauze-like section in the padding is not uncomfortable. I noticed that Pampers Active Fit (a.ka. cruisers) also have that part. I had thought it was for better absorption of poop though, in a toddler nappy. The thin tapes are no problem and stick well, can be re-adjusted, then stick well again. They do look quite clinical with their green sections, but that's alright. Overall, not bad at all.
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