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Thread: Cloth covered are, in fact, better...

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    Default Cloth covered are, in fact, better...

    I bought some Tena Super Night Briefs and am able to wear them 24/7 with perfect discretion. They don't crinkle, unbelievably absorbant, bunch in the crotch when wet, and are discreet 24/7 because they bunch only at the crotch area.

    I forget I'm wearing, but am free to go whenever I like! I love these diapers. Cloth covered are awesome,

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    they are better for those reason and yes i agree that padding is a really good brand. just some babyfur's, diaper furs, AB/DL teen babys prefer the plastic cover. i think this is because it sounds more babyish and reminds them of there younger years when they were in diapers again.

    also depends on if u can hide the crinkle or not. i can myself mostly form lose shorts or pants and a belt along the top weist band to stop the wings form moving

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    I was unimpressed with the Abenas, so I was kind of turned off to those and have searched for a good one since them. I've settled on the Molicare & Tena Super Night Briefs.

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    I love my abena's but I also liked the Prevail Breezers that I used once. I have to agree if your looking for discreetness that the cloth covered are the way to go. And yes they do hold alot

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    if i could afford it, i would be getting molicare super plus and bambinos all the time, but unfortunently due to money issues right now i may not be wearing much in the next few months.

    i do agree with you cloth is a better choice for diapers for most, but ot my knowlage a lot of people prefer the plastic ones. or just straight cloth diapers
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    I am going to have to disagree.

    In my experience cloth covered disposables:
    1) Sag horribly when wet.
    2) Stretch out after a few hours of wear, losing that snug leak-proof fit.
    3) Chafe the insides of my thighs horribly.
    4) Seep moisture through the outer cover.

    I tried some Tenas when they first switched to the all-cloth design. Got a whole case where the tabs were poorly attached to the wings... they pulled right off when you tried to snug them up. I haven't ordered from them since.

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    i have to admit i do like the cloth better. they're quieter when walking around the house and that's a plus if any of my grand kids are visiting. as for them sagging a bit when wet, i just readjust the tapes. that's another good thing about them.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I think I would miss the crinkle sound if I switched to cloth cover. I have tried the Attends cloth covered variety (from XP Medical, which ships the extra-absorbant type), and they did a pretty good job. But I generally stick with Abena and Molicare.

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    I make these statements based on roughly a decade of my need to wear and everyday experience.

    I absolutely HATE:
    *They fall apart easier.
    *Feeling clammy when wet. (inside AND out, perticularly around legs)
    *Sagging and constant need for retightening.
    *Shifting, bunching, and stretching due to friction of moving against something. (clothes, bed, chairs, getting in/out of cars, etc)
    *Weaker tape to back-wing strength. (tape comes off of back panel, still attached to front)
    *Leaks straight through backing/out sides.
    *Inability to make a tight seal.
    *Higher cost. (If they are the same price, then features have been removed or package count is lowered)
    *They smell like urine when wet.

    Things I like:
    *Slightly more comfort when dry. (if you don't count the extra mental discomfort of worrying about leaks)
    *Quieter if you are really paranoid about 'crinkles'.
    *They circulate air better. (more from the loose fit than through the material itself, so this is actually a very bad thing for a diaper in terms of leaks and smells)

    It seems to me that the only advantages are they feel more like 'normal' underwear when dry.
    It's all from a 'need' to have diapers closer resemble underwear and be less 'diaper-like'.
    A diaper's job is more important as being a diaper than being like underwear.

    While I do like plastic backed as a personal preference, above all else I stand firm: I do not like leaks! I'm sure all my friends with furnature and carpets would agree too.

    If there were cloth-covered diapers that perform exactly as well and cost just the same, I would have no problems wearing them (except for the friction issue). However, this is entirely just not the case.
    Cloth-backed sucks compared to plastic-backed
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