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Thread: Coming Out as DL

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    Default Coming Out as DL

    I was wondering, my parents have been starting to find my dirty diapers and are getting suspicious, i was wondering if there is any easy way of coming out to them about being a DL and not having them think i need counsiling?

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    I'm surprised you didn't straight up come out the first time they found your diapers, must've been crazy thinking up some other story. The best way would be to tell them it's nothing that's harming you or anyone around you, and it's a fetish, thus doesn't really need to be talked about.

    When Kids Love Diapers

    That site has good information for parents

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    I'll say this, I personally am not a huge fan of telling people about this. The way I look at it, once you tell, you can't take it back. Sure, there's plenty of people on this board who have told their parents, some with good results, some not.

    As for me, well I haven't lived home for several years now so it doesn't matter. However, when I did live home I never told them. I did go to great lengths to keep it hidden, I figured even if they did approve of it, they wouldn't want it in their face. I do have a feeling that my parent's probably had some suspicions but nothing was ever said.

    So, personally my advice is don't mention it unless you really have to, and do a better job hiding your new/used stash.

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    writing a letter usually works pretty well. just tell them it's a private thing and you don't feel comfortable talking about it openly, but there's nothing wrong with it and it's not hurting anybody. it's just something you enjoy doing in private.

    in addition to the WKLD site that juiceGPM linked you too, there's another wonderful source of information about this stuff at your parents could read some of the excellent articles on that site if they want more information.

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    I suggest you start hideing the evidence better, and just let it go, as long as you are not in any kind of trouble your parents won't hassel you about a small fetish.

    My parents, mainly my mom, knew about some of my fetishes and nothing was ever said, I was never in any kind of trouble at all, and a small fetish isn't going to har anyone.

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    well my mother found my stash a few times and she knows i do wear, when she dosent, i just keep them away from her site mostly. there is nothing gained in telling them unless you want to wear openly and unless your parets are very open minded, i dont think that will go over to well

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    Default suspicious

    you said they're starting to fine your dirty diapers and you think they're getting suspicious. i don't think they are getting suspicious, i think they know. those dirty diapers didn't come from them so they had to come from you. i believe i'd make sure my stash is well hid and do a better job of getting rid of my diapers, if i were you.

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    All I can say is if you can, you've got guts. Go by your best judgment. Do you think your parents would be okay and accept it, or restrict you? Best of luck.

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    You'll know your parents well. They may understand but if you feel that they wouldn't, then learn to hide your stuff better. If you think they will understand, think of a way in which you'd be comfortable telling them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyspydude1 View Post
    I was wondering, my parents have been starting to find my dirty diapers and are getting suspicious
    Yeah no shit?

    How many times have they found them, and are you certain they actually found them?

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