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    Default hi

    I guess this is my introduction...or something

    So, I'm here. Hi.

    *has no idea what to say*

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    I'd welcome you here, but I just got here myself. Let's try not to stumble into each other in this period of confusion

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    Well first of all we would appreciate if you could tell us a little about yourself, how you found this site? Or are you a dl/*b/fur and how and when you became one? Or any interests or hobbies you have?

    Anyways Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Yes, a brief summary of your AB, TB, DL, or other similar/related interests would be nice. Welcome aboard ADISC!


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    Much more of a DL then anything else. The whole TB scene (asides from the diapers) really doesn't do anything for me.

    I don't really have that much experience with diapers. I'm living in a dorm room atm (with roomate), so it's nigh impossible to wear. I'm an Electrical Engieneering student, so even if I did have the privacy to wear, I wouldn't have time!

    I guess that's me in a nutshell.

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    Welcome, sparkmaster, to our community. You'll love it here.

    You are an electrical engineer whose name is "sparkmaster" ?? what an inspired choice of nickname. I love it

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    Aloha, sparkmaster.

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    i try to be as inspired as possible. It makes things just so much better.

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    Welcome to the site, you'll find ways around wearing diapers, I am living with my partner and he don't know about my Tb-isum, and before that I was in a flat and they didnt know also. its about been discret

    But other than that, Enjoy ya stay

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