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Thread: This is like baby powder for adults!

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    Default This is like baby powder for adults!

    Relieve the friction of monkey butt and painful butt rash, when you ride, sweat and sit. | Anti Monkey Butt Powder

    I had never seen this before until today, but I found it pretty funny. Whenever I had dealt with this issue myself, I had always used baby powder and it seemed to work pretty well.

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    Silly... this is silly...

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    my mother inlaw believe it bought it for me. ive used it a few times and wasn't impressed with it.

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    I ride my bike on the trails, but I prefer Johnson's baby lotion. It works quite well.

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    I did laugh a little. I can only imagine this being power, but with no smell. After all, not every one wants to smell like baby powder.

    But I find talcum powder works fairly well to reduce friction. But I still like my Johnson's baby powder :P

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    It looks like the monkey character has ripe cherries for buttcheeks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
    Silly... this is silly...
    No. No it isn't.

    After seeing a 100-odd bike ride come through a town near me a few times, I can better appreciate the use of products like this and (I kid you not) "butt-butter."

    If I were crazy enough to give one of those rides a shot, I'd happily spray graphite down my shorts if I thought it would help me avoid rubbing myself raw.

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