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Thread: The sixth generation in retrospect

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    Default The sixth generation in retrospect

    Since we are now in the middle of the 360/PS3/Wii generation, enough time has passed to look back at the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube generation in retrospect. (Wiki lists these as the seventh and sixth generations of games consoles).

    Many of the games that were favorites at the time have been superceded by newer and better games (often the latest versions of their own series), while others continue to stand as very good games. (I'm leaving out PC games, as it's much harder to pin down generations with PC games).

    So, looking back, what were your top games of the sixth generations of video games?

    Mine were:
    Halo 2 - Cheaper, out earlier, more games. These were just some of the reasons that I didn't buy a 360 for (despite being true when I was getting it). The main reason was that at some point in the future, Halo 3 would be on. And Halo 2 was a brilliant game. Excellent story, brilliant soundtrack, online play that "just worked", graphics that could compete with a lot of the early 360/PS3 games and a good story. Halo 3 didn't live up to it's expectations however (thank god COD4 and Final Fantasy XIII are multi-platform, or I'd have to buy a PS3).

    Final Fantasy X - There seems to be a pattern forming where the best Final Fantasy games are the first in their generation. VII, X and (if the previews are anything to judge by) soon to be XIII are some of the best Final Fantasy games in the series. They each had huge revolutions (to 3D, to spoken dialogue and realistic graphics, and to um... even better graphics).

    Kingdom Hearts II - In the first game, the mix of Disney and Final Fantasy did not really work that well (everytime Donald spoke you wanted to blast him with Fire), and the story was poor, but the combat system (a mix of hack and slash, and traditional final fantasy combat values) was cool. The second game, was a good bit darker and with a much heavier Final Fantasy influence. And they manage to turn it's biggest weakness into one of it's strengths. Just imagine Donald Duck fighting alongside Cloud and Squall. It's hard not to laugh.

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    Grand Theft Auto III/Vice City/San Andreas- Though not the birth of the sandbox games, GTA III set the standard and brought a whole new class of games to prominence. And the next two games only further pushed the genre, continuously blowing away the clones they spawned during the generation.

    Halo- Though the second has been recognized, the first one I feel is more important. Before halo, decent first person shooters were few and far between on consoles. I mean before it you have Golden Eye and Perfect Dark, and thats about it. But Halo showed that you not only can do an epic FPS on a consoles, you can take a lot of bad ass elements and mash them together into an action orgy.

    Guitar Hero- There were rhythm games before Guitar Hero. For anyone into the rhythm game scene before the originals launch, everyone was calling it a guitar freaks rip-off. But Konami was concentrated on DDR and trying to squash RoXoR and ITG. So this left the door wide open for harmonix to sweep in and start a rock sensation. It brought a LOT of new people into the genre who weren't even aware of it previously, and gave veterans something other then J-Pop/J-Rock to fake play too.

    Metroid Prime- I'll admit I was skeptical. I mean metroid in first person!? Seems normal now, but when this game was launching it sounded a bit crazy. But they Retro Studios pulled of the game beautifully, not only capturing the feel of side scrolling metroid. But adding a whole new depth and awesome story that wasn't forced upon you.

    Katamari Damacy- Considering before it's release Namco was hesitant to consider a western release as it was "too japanese." But we sure as hell showed them we love the weird, and simply addictive. It almost has a retro feel about it bringing gameplay back to basics. Two sticks to move, roll up objects, get bigger, roll up bigger objects. It was new, and different; really paving the way for other quirky games that would have seemed a lot quirkier for being so out there.

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    Mako, I totally agree with your choice of the first Halo. It set precedents in gameplay, graphics, and plot that I still feel weren't met by its two sequels.

    Hm. Now I really have to dig deep...

    Phantom Dust for the Xbox did what very few games did -- it showed that you can create a complex gaming experience with wonderful graphics, great production quality, and outstanding replayability for a budget price of 20.00. Phantom Dust was one of the budget line of Xbox games, and it was fucking amazing. Anybody who's still playing an Xbox needs to pick this bugger up -- there's nothing better than leaping off of a bridge, slinging a few magic spells at an enemy, and then landing in a massive crater of concrete on the road!

    Shadow of the Colossus was an amazing game that pitted you against enemies of massive size and scope. It was an outstanding exercise and creativity, concept, and story without convolusion. Very few games managed to capture the epic feeling that this did.

    Burnout 3: Takedown was just a great fucking reason to realize that it really was a blast to break a bunch of shit!

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    I'll confine myself to PS2 games since my experience with GC and XBOX is quite limited.

    I have to mention Silent Hill 2 if only because it's the only game I've played that actually affected me psychologically. Nothing like an enemy who can attack at any time and is impossible to destroy to create a palpable sense of dread!

    Ico was definitely in a class of its own as well. It felt like playing a totally immersive three-dimensional Renaissance painting. I've played very few adventure games with such realistic puzzles.

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    Shadow Of The Colossus (PS2)- great art styling, minimal weaponry, a bond between a boy and his horse which has been since since either the never ending story or Narnia: A horse and his boy, awesome boss battles that are epic in scale save for a few small bosses. The story was good even though you couldn't understand a damn thing they ever said it was like the sims talking in a fantasy world.

    Star Wars Battle Front 2- (multi-platform)- Take one part first perso shooter, one part third person shooter add in a mound of star wars from both era's and you get one hell of a great game. Pretty much your just a little pawn in all the epic battles that took place within star wars. Of course you do most of the hard work yourself or with AI's that can barely fight. But still it's nice to get away from playing a Jedi all the freaking time. just get a laser rifle and jump in one of the snow speeders on hoth and have a good time just kicking ass.

    (I'll add more latter)

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    If you followed Harmonix, you'd see that GH was just the next logical step after Frequency and Amplitude.

    GC: Resident Evil 4 for being damn near perfect in every way, even showing how much power the 'cube really had!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoXxY View Post
    If you followed Harmonix, you'd see that GH was just the next logical step after Frequency and Amplitude.

    GC: Resident Evil 4 for being damn near perfect in every way, even showing how much power the 'cube really had!
    all 3 of those games are great.. but after playing a lot of the new good looking PC games Resident evil 4 looks like SHIT. I bought Resident Evil 4 for the Wii and I am glad I waited for that verison. (I beat RE4 o the PS2 during a rental.)

    But even with what seems to be lacking graphics it's one of the funnest games I ever played. So I am not trying to knock it at all.

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    Xenosaga, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid and Shadow of the Colossus.
    I don't think much more needs to be said about that generation; do you?~

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    Wind Waker, RE4, GTA:San Andreas, Guitar Hero... lots more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suspence View Post
    Wind Waker
    Haha! Oh wait, you're serious? o_o

    Quote Originally Posted by Suspence View Post
    Guitar Hero
    GH is lame. Rock Band perfected the formula and is only enjoyable on 360/PS3~

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