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Thread: Your Panic Button!

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    Default Your Panic Button!

    I wasn't sure if this would come under the admin forum, but I think it goes better in here...

    Basically I just figured out how to switch the panic button back on, cos i's clever
    Question for everyone who uses it - what have you set your panic button URL to and why?
    I've set mine to Studio Daniel Libeskind Architecture cos it makes me look like I'm doing research for one of my uni essays.
    I highly doubt there are any users who can't think of a good URL for their panic button, but you never know, might come in useful... =3

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    I have it on, though I might switch it to a Supreme Court case.

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    Mines' set to
    I saw the panic button one day, clicked it, and it took back to the same page! Then it was gone, and I didn't even realize that you could turn it on and off! Thanks for the info

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    I've set mine to

    Just something to drive the site away for the time being.

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    I don't even have a panic button....not on ADISC anyway. I know there is one, I know what it's for, but I don't know where it is or how to activate it. Not that I'd use it anyway, since I'm well over the age of consent and I live alone! :p

    Maybe I could set mine to be somewhere else exciting but this is mostly the only site I visit (aside from IMVU).

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    set mine to which happens to be my favorite speaker buying website, its fool proof,

    worships moo crying "im not worthy!"

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    A bit suspect, I know. >_>

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    mine is set to

    javascript:{ alert('Oh noes!'); }

    I know, not very useful . But, I don't really need one and I felt the need to amuse myself.

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    Mine will be set to as it's one of my most visited sites (that my parents know of and even IF I were to need it at school (which I don't as I don't go on here at school) then I could use it).

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