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Thread: Goodnites or Assurance? (now updated with questions about Certainty diapers)

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    Default Goodnites or Assurance? (now updated with questions about Certainty diapers)

    Soon I hope to be able to get some diapers, and it's a toss up between Goodnites and Assurance. I've had a lot of time in Goodnites in my younger years
    And no time in Assurance. I have heard of Assurance not being good, so I'm not sure on what brand to go with. What other Adult Diapers would be better than Assurance that I can still get in stores??


    See below for questions about Walgreen's Certainty Diapers.

    Can they be worn under jeans??
    How many times can you undo the tapes before they are not sticky?
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    I think it's pretty much agreed that CVS/Walgreens/Generic are actually the best. You can just get them in the pharmacy. They're not very crinkly though. I hear that depends are much louder, but not as absorbent.

    If you don't mind just getting pull-ups rather than tape-on, they have tena pullups as well. But really your best bet is the generic "fitted briefs."

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    So what would be the better place to get diapers (That I could hide under jeans).
    CVS, Walgreens, Target, or walmart?

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    Walgreens overnight briefs are pretty good for store brands. I went from walgreens to goodnights, imo I liked the walgreens briefs 20 times better. I would look to see what brands you have available, I'm unsure what target carries for diapers.

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    Do the "walgreens breifs" have tapes?? What is the "brand name" for them?

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    Yes they have tapes... The brand is called Certainty.

    h++p:// &skuid=sku3956214&id=prod3957365

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    Thanks!! Looks good.
    Do they make a lot of noise? Are they thick??

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    They're not very noisy or thick on their own. I suppose if you wanted the thickness, you could always double them up. Not everybody likes to do that though. Depends are crinkly apparently.

    Something I've been thinking of doing was buying a pack of certainty and a pack of depends, and doubling that with the crinkly Depends being the outer layer. Not very cheap though.

    I guess if you've never had anything though, you might think of the Certainty as loud. I guess actually having plastic backed renders you thinking Certainty are silent though. I still worry about people hearing the noise from mine, and they're cloth backed. I dunno how much louder Depends must be, but it's apparently more.

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