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    So this topic will be all about dancing if you haven't guessed!

    I love to dance. I can dance many different styles from hip-hop to krump to ballroom. I was just wondering if anyone else likes to dance also. So do you like to dance? To what type of music? Do you think you dance good? And any other question you can think of just post it if you want to ^_^

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    I love to dance to anything with a pounding beat.

    Like this:

    Dota Dance Mix
    ^video and mix be me fyi^

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    I love to dance! My personal style is called "Don't give a damm if anyone is looking at you", and I'm a master at the smooth moves!

    To be more technical, I also do glowsticking, poi, fire dancing, contact juggling, and contact staff.

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    im in ballroom at my school, it is the last day tomarow and we will have a dance competition! My partner and i think were the best (except for this other b17ch) but we will be doing the tango and swing dancing. If we win we get shirts that say "best dancer period 3" i want a shirt!

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    I like to dance close to people. I can't even really dance all that well to be honest, but these days, ya really don't have to know how.

    Video, I'm in there, twice, although I will betcha 10 dollars ya can't find me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandi View Post
    Video, I'm in there, twice, although I will betcha 10 dollars ya can't find me.
    is that you in the pan out right before the date?

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    lol No, trust me, y'all won't find me, took me 10 minutes for both shots, and I look at myself all the time. :P I also knew what I was wearing, lmao.

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    Dancing! I love to dance!

    I don't do any proper dancing though, I've never learned how to dance and I don't really want to. I just move my body, and occasionally jump and spin around, because it's fun!

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    Does drunken dancing count?
    I generally dance in the stupidest way possible, that way you don't risk having your dancing made fun of... (as it's meant to be bad).

    But I guess that's just because the only place I can "dance" is at parties, and most people just jump around...

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