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Thread: brb, house going underwater soon

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    Default brb, house going underwater soon

    Circled red spots = essentially what everything turns into once it hits Long Island. We never get any "light rain". In summer, with the humidity, EVERYTHING is that color red when it hits us. Wild stuff.

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    Yeah... thats some shit aint it? Living on the coast does that.

    and Godamnit.. Im not a fuggin newbie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corri View Post
    Yeah... thats some shit aint it? Living on the coast does that.

    and Godamnit.. Im not a fuggin newbie!
    Your title seems to disclaim otherwise, Sir Corri. Thou art guilty of digital witchery! ... Er.... Hacking.

    But seriously, yeah, we've been getting poured on all week here, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazman12 View Post
    Ummm... Nice paint skills? lol
    No I live here that is what is going on, in fact we had a small tornado in eastern pa(monroe county) something that is unheard of here in the mountians of eastern Pa.

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    I didn't even notice them... Might wanna try a more contrasting alerting color next time... Like flourescent red/bright red maybe...

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    Gosh, that's pathetic compared to the stuff we see around here. Though I didn't see the warnings (if any), so It's hard to tell what it's really capable of.

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    We got some of that today, living in Virginia. The dogs didn't like the thunder, and I didn't like the rain because I couldn't get out on my bike. I did a lot of writing, however, and I'm glad for that.

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    Just look up and to the right a little inCT where the CT River meets the sound. I'm there abouts on a tidal marsh with a river running through my back yard. I'm well flooded from the last storms and another is rumbling in now...

    We will survive!

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