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    I was wondering where I could get some fur paw gloves from. My friend is a fur (though probably not into diapers), and I would like to give her a gift for her birthday since I won't be able to attend her party (dam work). So I got the idea to give her some paw gloves for her birthday. (her boyfriend is totally cool with it). The color I'm looking for is a mixed grey/dark grey/black so it matches the tail I gave her for Christmas. What would be nice is gloves that have claw tips on them. What would be awesome is if the tips were metal (so I could sharpen them for her). Normal paw gloves will be fine.

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    For all my furry needs i buy from these guys

    NorthFur FX & Mascots: HomePage

    I have met them personally and they do extreamly good work. And they can even do custom orders. I plan to buy a full suit from them in the future.

    But i have bought 3 tails, 4 ears, and a few other things. They are really nice.

    And if you have any questions just send them an email. they will answer them

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    Thanks very much for the links, I found what I needed. Sorry Kokuei, but the option you provided was out of range for me. I know, I'm a cheepskate, but thanks anyway. May just consider them in the future when we (her boyfriend and I and maybe someone else) decide to get her a full suit.
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