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Thread: The lego is back!!!

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    Cool The lego is back!!!

    Yes I the great lego have returned but I am no longer a baby but a kid! I have been travelling in a desert for the past 6 months when I found a door so I walked through and here I was.

    I'm sorry though as on Friday I will be leaving again to go on a 22 hour journey on a coach down to Austria for 10 days. Then I'll be back again then I'll probably go to Wales for the rest of the summer.

    So enjoy me while I'm here

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    Wow, you're really running all over the place eh? Sounds like fun. I've always wanted to tour Europe, but alas, I'm a poor yank trying to make it through college, so... yeah.


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    Glad to see you back. Traveling can be a lot of fun. I wish I could get out there and go!

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    3 more hours and I'll be gone. So bye everyone! *waves to all of ADISC*

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    Welcom back (all though i don't really know you :P )
    Judging from your nick, I assume that you have great skillz in lego?

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    Welcome back!!! although by now you're on to your next trip. oh well. see you when you get back.


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    Austria? Ah - to learn to speak German "properly" like the Belgians think about French?? On that assumption on to Turkey next for German lessons *giggle* /me ducks flying objects and runs out the door, un-defaulting his Windows from "American" on the way, eh?

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