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Thread: Disposables with side protection?

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    Default Disposables with side protection?

    Most disposable diapers just have soaker panels in the center. But I want a diaper with side protection because I'm a side sleeper and I want something that won't leak. What brand can I find at wal-mart that has this?

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    I'm not quite sure what you mean by side-protection. But side-sleeping is notorious for leaks. From what I know, a nappy with a shaped pad, by which I mean one that is more hour-glass shaped than just rectangular, might give better protection, as will any nappy with leak guards, but I imagine yours have leak guards, since nearly all do. I think it might be a case of getting the most fully fitting, absorbent nappy available to you at Wal-mart or wherever else you can shop, which I'm sure you've already done. Others here will know more and might be able to offer ideas.

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    You are going to have a hard time finding a diaper at walmart that will not disappoint you. The gold standards are Abena Xplus and Mollicare Super Plus, though these are difficult to find. You can order the Molicare Super Plus at and have them delivered to your local walmart, but they are only sold by the case and are quite pricey. If you can, go to go to a medical supply shop or an independent pharmacy and see what they carry. If you can find the FQP Full Mat Briefs, they might suffice. They have padding that extends well into the 'wings' of the diaper. I'm not sure where you live, but in the NY met area there are a number of independent pharmacies that carry these. I happen to like them quite a bit. Good luck.

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    Molicare Super work well for side sleeping. Still not perfect.

    Tena Super also work well.

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    cloth diaper's have absorbent cloth on the sides, they are perfect for side sleepers, and cost less in the long term.
    I myself am thinking of getting cloth diaper's for the price savings at the long run.
    a pack of drynites cost almost $13, so if I get plastic pants, pins, and cloth diaper's for $70 i sure am saving a lot in the long run as quality cloth diaper's will last a few years.

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    Get cloth... no disposables have side padding.

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    try going a size up at night. i usually use an Abena medium during the day, but sleep in a large, the extra padding helps alot at night. i sleep on my side too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    Get cloth....
    and.... the possibilities are endless. where've i heard that before?

    i just recently got some 'hotel grade' terry-towelling towels-now-nappies and just the hand-towel size is good enough for day use on it's own. double it up and you're laughing.

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    Actually... LuvsGurl's cloth diapers have half of a terry-cloth bath towel in them as the main absorbant material. It's great.

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    One approach for side-sleepers especially is to make up your bed with an underpad or at least a draw sheet. Another approach is to use a good waterproof sheet so the only harm from moderate leaks is the fitted bottom sheet will need to be changed.

    Even with really good cloth diapers and ideally fitted waterproof pants side-sleeping increases chances of leaks.

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