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Thread: Firefox problem, never had this before EVER...

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    Default Firefox problem, never had this before EVER...

    Has anyone else had problems with IPB3 and Firefox? I've had Windows 7 RC x64 for a while now, just reinstalled it and this time, firefox seems to just hate it. It's worked perfectly in the past though and I have no idea what made it start acting up with this new install.

    I formatted and installed Win7 RC x64. Same as I've always done, just Firefox hates it now.

    I get high memory usage, it hates ajax, like IPB3 post box/edit/etc. Sometimes it'll type the words backwards, won't load the edit box on forums running IPB3. And a ton of other crap that has NEVER EVER EVER happened before. I've even got the same build of firefox and windows 7 on another computer and it works perfectly.

    I can't figure out to save my life why it's screwing up like this. So, to recap my issues:

    1.) Firefox lags like hell, even with one tab open in this new install of Win7 RC x64
    2.) Firefox doesn't even respond to ajax elements in IPB3, doesn't load em, etc.
    3.) Sometimes Firefox will type text backwards in IPB3 boards.

    All these problems have never, ever happened to me before. I've reinstalled Windows 7 RC x64 probably 50+ times over the course of it being out, probably more and have never experienced any of these problems. I've reinstalled this exact build over 20 times in the past month going from Windows to Linux, etc, etc. Why on earth would it just start happening now?

    I've got more than enough RAM, CPU power, etc to run all of this as well. Anyone know why this is happening? I'm using the latest download of firefox from their site, 3.5.1. No one else I know is experiencing this. And I've even setup another rig EXACTLY like this one and none of these problems are on there.

    Intel C2D E8400 @ 3ghz OC'd to 3.8ghz
    4x 2gb GSKILL DDR2 1066 RAM
    Geforce GTX260 Core 216 896mb Graphics Card
    Scythe Ninja 120mm Heatsink+Fan

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    Maybe 3.5.1 is incompatible. Try downloading a slightly older version of Firefox

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    I have tried that, same thing still happens.

    What I don't get is why would it work fine on other installs of the same system months, days earlier than this re-install. I tried the version I had all the time using Win7. Still, the same stuff happens even with it. I've tried the older version and the current version on an almost identical computer I have, x64 as well and it works perfectly.

    It's just weird...

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    I know it doesnt help much but I have similar issues with 3.5.1 (on Ubuntu in my case) aswell. I had to go and install the latest 3.0.x version from the ubuntu repos.

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    I've tried installing the 3.0 version as well, didn't work all to well, still had the same issues.

    Maybe it's a sign to give up Firefox and switch. I'm now using Opera and Chrome full time.

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    I'm also running Win 7 Rc, and Firefox 3.5, and it lags like hell, its soo bad, that it steals all of the bandwidth on my network, and slows everything else down, but if i disconnect the network on my Win 7 build, the whole network is fine, and all of the other computers go back to normal. Something is seriously up with Firefox and Windows 7 RC.

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    Have you tried re-installing Windows 7? I have used Windows 7 only for very short stints on a virtual machine and not with Firefox so I have not experience.

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