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Thread: Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

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    Default Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

    Has anyone played this yet? I finished it last night. Its awesome!!!

    its ingenious how they recreated the game with the ability to switch between the new and classic versions at any time. Even in the middle of dialogue.

    If anyone is a fan of the games or is looking for a new game to play, I highly recommend it!

    Its available for download on Xbox Marketplace or for the PC.

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    Monkey Island!!!! XDXDXD

    I loved that game... Same with the 2nd and 3rd...athough I didn't like the 4th one that much....

    I am SO getting this for PC!! We'll surely avoid scurvy if we all eat an orange...

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    "You fight like a cow!"

    I bought it a few days after it came out and I did a speed run since I beat the original a few times like 3-4. I got every game asides for the 4th which I beat as a rental on the PS2. I placed a pre-order for the whole season of tales of monkey island on june 2nd and beat the first episode a few hours after it came out.

    So yeah.. I am a monkey island fan.

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