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Thread: fur, especially babyfur jargon

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    Default fur, especially babyfur jargon

    quick question: is "squeeeeeee" a simple expression and excited utterance of joy, or specifically an exclamation of joyous huggling, "Squeeeeeeeeze" shortened?

    could people please list other fur-specific and especially babtfur jargon, especially the origin (as in etymology, philology) , meaning, source (as in original author, website of origin) of leakypup? Did it arise out of ADISC ?

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    I was aware that Squeeee was the sound anime fangirls made when they found an Inuyasha cosplayer at a local con. I have to admit I heard that way before I heard furries say it.

    So, my original experience with the word was an excited utterance of joy. Not a bastardization of a lengthened Squeeze.

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    i never hurd of that one before but for others that i know of there is

    "splays ears" lowering ones ears against your head as a sign of fear or something i just did was bad

    "muuuurrrss" (or how ever many U, R, S you want to add in there) showing a sign of enjoyment like a cat purring.

    i honestly dont know the origin of each of these words, but for not i got them form a furend i been talking to for atleast 2 years now.

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    Now this is an interesting thread. I'd love to dwell a bit deeper into the jargon of babyfurs\littlefurs. There's probably a whole lot to this both loved and hated aspect of the fandom. I'll think about writing a "guide" later when I'm at home.

    Squeee originates from the anime fandom somewhere. It's mainly manga at second thought. Or something like that. It is used mainly as an excited expression of joy, and doesn't have anything to do with the verb hug.

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    I asked my furry friend, and he had stated that it is "an expression of pure joy". I hope this helps you out there =)

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    Would the term "confuzzled" be a furry-specific word? It seems like it. I saw it on some furry website, and then one of my friends said it. I was like "WUT?"

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    Ah, the passionate sounds of yiff! (I kid, I kid).

    Yes, it is a joyous expression. Like a sudden outburst of elated emotion. Babyfurs tend to use a lot of RP phrases like "padding", "huggles", "glomps", and "murring". Its adorable, but silly.

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    My friend yells "Chiiiii!" like Chii from Chobits (good anime...) it can be used for any emotion depending on the tone.

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    Confuzzled is a furry way of saying "confused". Scritching is scratching, headfur is hair, and fuzzling is the same as ruffling someone's hair roughly.

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