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Thread: Here's a fun little thing for girls who camp

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    Default Here's a fun little thing for girls who camp

    It's called a whiz freedom. It's a reusable, funnel-like thing for girls to use to pee standing. It comes in handy for camping and just general use. I got one not too long ago and it works great! It's hydrophobic so it repels liquids and it's really easy to clean, it dries really fast too. It's really easy to use and a good alternative to dirty restrooms and squatting in the woods. Anyway, I just though I'd share this product with you guys. I got mind on ebay, but here's the link for their official website.
    Welcome to - Home of the Whiz - Whiz Freedom

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    Well yeah but I mean when diapers aren't convenient or available this is a nice thing to have

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    So that's essentially a plastic penis?

    Now I'll wait for the first girls to come into the guy's restroom to use the urinals!


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    I know, I'm primarily joking around.

    But if I were female, and alone while camping... I would wear diapers.

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    Thanks Kova...

    I have seen a girl use one of these at a festival... unfortunately she didn't think to pull her panties aside... went right through them instead. I just had to laugh...

    Isn't the whole point of this to keep your pants/panties from getting wet?

    People coming up with all sorts of high tech sloppy crap when diapers have been around for years. Go figure.

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    I think the point of it is really that sometimes your out in the middle of nowhere without a bathroom and you hate crouching to take a piss you could just use this. Once me, my older brother and his girlfriend (now wife) were going from Bend Oregon to Coos Bay Oregon which is a small but lengthy trip. Anyways at one point she just couldn't really bare to hold it and she like many guy's do just went out behind a tree/brush.

    I know it had to suck for her since she couldn't really aim due to lack of a dick.

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    I went to Wakarusa last year and all the women I saw squatting by the fences definitely could have used something like this. Or they could have just worn diapers instead.

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    As soon as I saw the thread title, I thought, "it's gonna be a funnel". And sure enough.

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    Girls can learn to pee standing without any "aids". I knew one who could go through her fly without unbuttoning her jeans. Its about placing her fingers on the labia, spreading them like a V and pulling upwards slightly. Oh yea, and lots of practise in the shower till you get the hang of it. Name in the snow?

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