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Thread: On average, how many vacations do you go on per year?

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    Default On average, how many vacations do you go on per year?

    Random thought. I usually go on about 2 per year, but sometimes 3. How about you?

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    Depends on what you mean "go on vacation". I take 1 or 2 periods a year off of work but I usually don't go any where on them. I usually stay around the city I live and take time to see family and friends.

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    I only go on one really which is Christmas to my mom's. Though last year I only went to Oregon in the summer for my older brother's wedding.

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    I'm away for atleast 4 'proper vactions' (probably about 9 including long weekends) with my scout group alone, and then maybe about 7 with my family (4 of that being 5 days or more)

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    I never have vacations.

    Although I do visit parts of my states for different reasons.

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    None this year. Last year my family went to Washington DC for a week. Sadly, summer wasn't much fun this time around, but it was productive. I'm planning two trips next year instead. I would really like to visit San Francisco. If for nothing else, then to tour the schools.

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    My beach trip next month will be my first "vacation" in 3 years.

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    Usually one during the summer.

    @Kovalchuk: You're really trying to make up for lost time. This must be your 10th thread in the last two days .

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    Never, I haven't been on any kind of a vacation is years, when I was much younger I went to see everything I could see in the US. every summer.

    We would start here on the east coast and pick a direction and go, usually west I visited every one of the lower 48 states and there points of interest, if it's at all worth seeing I have been there.

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    I usually go on 2 every year. There's always a place we go in the Summer, and then the other is some other time in the year, spring break, christmas, or whatever...

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