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Thread: What age did you first realize you liked diapers?

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    Default What age did you first realize you liked diapers?

    Simple enough. Even when I needed them I was always sort of subconsciously fond of them, but I first really knew at about age 7. How about you?

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    I can remember one time when i was probably 5 i took a pull-up from one of my siblings. I remember putting it on and trying to put jeans on over it, but i couldn't get them zipped up because of the pull-up. Being 5 and stupid i asked my mom for help, and she actually let me keep it on for a while.

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    I had a few things that hinted at it when I was younger, but the first definite tb feelings were when I was around 11/12.

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    I can remember having diaper desires since the day I was out of them. It's really been a lifelong thing.

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    I was 8, but I had been very interested in them for a very long time before that !

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    I remember right around the time I was potty trained, I wanted to get back into them... literally one of my earliest memories, probably a little over 3 years old

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    I selected 5-6, because that's when I really remember being excited about having diapers that I could use/play with. I am pretty sure that I was interested in them prior to that age, however.

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    I chose 3/4 because I noticed an interest in them. However a year or so after the interest dwindled, however it's been on and off until about 2 years ago.

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    Not untill I was in my 20's I started makeing homemade cloth diapers out of large peices of old fabric and then I progressed into plastic pants, I used to buy toddler pants at the local supermarket baby section, but I was heavyer then, about 140, and they didn't last.

    But I always had a thing for sleepers ever since I got my first pair at about 10, been wearing them ever since.

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