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Thread: Lack of interest

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    Default Lack of interest

    As of late I find myself bored with the prospect of wearing...

    It just doesn't do what it used to do for me...


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    That happens now and again. Luckily, there are many other fun things to do in life. No need to push on it, it will likely be back in full force in due time. Now you have time to pursue your interest in particle physics...or something.

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    I have times like that, at times I can't be bothered and then I start wearing again out of the blue.

    I haven't worn for the past few months, and now I find myself wearing at least 1 a day, but it's just like old times when you put one on again.

    You may want to try something different for awhile that has always sparked my interest all over again, something like a diaper you haven't owned or would never buy because of the cost or the difficulty getting them.

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    I just got through with a slump like that. It probably won't last much longer and when it comes back it will probably be pretty strong

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    Mine was about six or seven. Don't worry. It's fairly common among AB/TB

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    i've been without diapers for about 2 years, because I've not had the money or ability to get any. Just yesterday I ordered a free sample of Tena's, and sometime this weekend i'm going with a RL friend to get a pack of walgreens ones. Sometimes it's just a matter of changing up how you get them and from where. ^^

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