View Poll Results: What is your favorite type of diaper?

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  • Disposable adult tape-on diapers.

    70 64.81%
  • Disposable adult pull-ups.

    3 2.78%
  • Disposable baby tape-on diapers.

    5 4.63%
  • Disposable baby pull-ups.

    2 1.85%
  • Disposable bedwetter pants (e.g. GoodNites).

    11 10.19%
  • Cloth adult pin-on diapers.

    9 8.33%
  • Cloth adult pull-ups.

    2 1.85%
  • Cloth baby pin-on diapers.

    2 1.85%
  • Cloth baby pull-ups.

    1 0.93%
  • Cloth bedwetter pants.

    0 0%
  • Other.

    3 2.78%
  • I do not wear diapers.

    0 0%
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Thread: The age-old question... What is your favorite type of diaper?

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    Default The age-old question... What is your favorite type of diaper?

    For me, it's close, but I'm going to have to say disposable adult tab diapers. (How original...) How about you?

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    I wear different diapers depending on my mood or "needs" at the time. But over all standard tape-on adult diapers are what I use most.

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    [Mexican] Tena Slip Medium :p They're so cozy and snug.

    Although, I'd like to try cloth one day..

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    The one that fits.
    The one that's clean.
    The one that I possess.

    That kind.

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    I checked disposable baby tape-on diapers because I have never been fond of plastic, or adult diapers in general. Ninety-nine percent of them are obviously medical. Besides, what real baby diaper has two blue tapes?

    Sorry to complain.

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    I chose regular adult diapers, I would like to try cloth diapers one day though.

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    Bambinos FTW! Well they're the only ones I've tried so, I don't really have any other choices.

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    Yes, adult taped diapers... the fewer tapes the better (though I haven't seen any with less than 2 per side... do they exist?). With a cute print on the front plz!

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    I have recently become a fan and jumped on the bandwagon of the Bambinos. Sorry I think they are great though I wouldn't mind them having six tabs instead of four

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