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Thread: If you were caught with *B/DL items by a friend or loved one, how was their reaction?

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    Default If you were caught with *B/DL items by a friend or loved one, how was their reaction?

    As the title asks. I was caught two weeks previous to this posting, I made a thread in the Regulars' forum discussing this. It did not go well at all...

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    I was drunk with my good friend and we talked about fetishes and I said that I like diapers. He just asked "Really?" and lauged bit but said it's ok. He have made some fun of me but I just laught with him. Once he said that I'm pampersbutt lol.

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    i have been caught a few times by my mother wearing and she twice found my stash, the most recent incident was i was over there for a visit and i was playing with her cat. he is a very playful kitten and does use claws. well he dug his claws into my chest a bit before running off it hurt a bit so i lifted up my shirt to take a look. i was wearing at the time and you could easily see the top of my diaper all around. after i realized what i just did i dropped my shirt and sat back down as if nothing happened, she never said a thing thankfully but then again she knows i wear diapers, but never when i dont think

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    My dad caught me on adisc before he got his laptop, however he just sat down and talked with me and we worked things out. However I'm not sure I told him enough but you know what he was like "to each their own"

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    Glad to see you back on Kolvy. I hope all is going reasonably well. I guess you remember my history. I was caught by my mom, years ago before the internet and that kind of support. I was having a psychotic break when I came home from college. Too much sex and drugs,not too much rock n' roll however. Anyway, I think she wanted to know why I was crashing, so she rummaged through my room and found my makeshift diapers, etc, along with a sexual magazine that was not socially acceptable, to say the least. She took me not only to a shrink, but the shrink was located at a large mental illness facility, with interment, ala Girl Interrupted style. I didn't stay, but I had to sit there and tell this stranger that I liked diapers and baby stuff, liked males my age and somewhat younger, etc. This went on for several weeks until I told my mom I wouldn't go back, that he wasn't going to change me and I was stuck with who I was. She had to accept the fact. My dad never said anything, as he was the quiet one in the family. My mom was the screamer. I did eventually get married, had kids and moved on with my life, but the desire for diapers stayed.

    Which leads me to the second time I got caught. This was in March of '08. Stupid Amazon sent a query via e-mail as to how did I like the diapers I had purchased. Instead of me seeing it first, my wife saw it. Of course I denied it, so then she called them up to tell them that I did not order diapers. They laughed and told her I did! I chose a quiet evening to tell her about that side of my self. She was very understanding and accepting. Now I wear diapers to bed anytime I want, so it worked out well.

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    I was 18 and my 10 year old neighbor was over and we were in my room and he found my pacifier on the floor with a pacifier clip on it. He asked what it was doing in my room and I told him I have it for my cat and I like to clip it to her ear and put the binky in her mouth and he started laughing. It was a quick story I had to come up with. I couldn't tell him I like sucking on it because I felt it's inappropriate to tell a minor and even have them see you using one.

    My parents have also found out about my diapers. My dad found a picture on his camera I took and my mom found a used one under my bathroom sink. Their reactions were ok.
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    Early in 1991, when I was 26 and only into AB since the previous October, I was on a business trip with co-workers and a partner of my law firm. Each of us had a private room at a nice hotel. It was late, I had gone to bed when there was a knock on my door.

    Without really thinking I answered the door, only to find my supervising senior partner and another associate attorney. They stared at me. Only then did I realize I had a MAM pacifier clipped to my shoulder.

    Nobody said anything. Maybe they thought I was trying to quit smoking.

    Needless to say since then when it is possible an outsider will see me I double check that I am not wearing a pacifier.

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    Been caught a few times so far:

    First was my mom who caught me first when I was 8. No diapers then just wet beds and I told her they were accidents though I hinted at wanting diapers. I never got them then. We never talked about it much till she found more wet beds around 12. After several doctors visits and things I told her I liked it straight out..she was a little apprehensive at first but she was ok enough to buy them for me for a while until I got a job and could buy them myself. She has brought it up a few times after and worried that I won't be able to find a girlfriend or get married cuz of it, but I have had plenty of girlfriends and have found who I consider the right girl for me lol. When I start dating she felt more relaxed..weird how that works.

    I have told two gfs so far, both have been cool about it and the current one is participating more an more, as she becomes more comfortable with it.

    I have also told my roommates (two), both of whom were gay and so I knew they would be much more accepting of it. Also told a nursing friend of mine..we had a thing for each other in college and we dated a bit, but we are just friends now. We talk about it quite a bit though, she is really fascinated lol!

    So all of my experiences have been extremely positive, and I have decided not to go out of my way to hide it from close friends (i.e. not hide them in the closet under blankets). I find being able to be myself (though not flaunting it of course) is so liberating and nobody has judged me for it ever!

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    I don't really think of it as being caught, but rather a shift in what is known about me by others. People have always been used to me having toys and some close friends/family members know about my baby items. Three or four people know about my nappies. I tend to be quite open and I try to avoid having compartments in my life, although obviously there are things that are private and public. I've not had a situation where someone with no idea suddenly finds adult nappies and a bottle stashed together or something. For a start I wouldn't keep those things together (Just as I don't keep my pint glasses with my underpants!) and if any one thing was seen, it would fit with my character enough not to seem dodgy. If the wrong person found the nappy stash though, that would be awkward.

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    i got caught today at work.... it wasn't good at all. i had brought my backpack into work with me cause it had all my clothes in it, and i didnt drive today, so i left it in the crew room. when i got off work i grabbed my bag but unfortunately there were a lot of managers and other crew in there when i got off, and i had my binki in a clear mesh part on the backside of my bag, and my manager saw it. she started asking about it really loud and everyone sorta laughed and i just said that i had babysat the night before and forgot to leave it at the house... i wish i could of told them but how they were laughing even before i said anything about it i just couldn't

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