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Thread: Finally saw the sunset...

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    Default Finally saw the sunset...

    I am back from my trip above the Arctic Circle, and after 10 days finally saw the sunset. Scenery-wise, the most spectacular thing was seeing the Midnight Sun at North Cape, the "farthest northern" point on the European continent (the actual farthest northern point is just a little ways away and is about 200 meters further north, but the view isn't as good). Here is a picture...

    Also enjoyed a whale safari and saw orca, minke and sperm whales.

    Glad to be back, but am heading to Oslo tomorrow for a couple of days more vacation.
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    Good to know that you had fun, but your pic doesn't work.

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    It's pretty crazy, isn't it? Earlier this summer, I was up in Alaska (and north of the Arctic Circle part of the way) during the summer solstice. It was definitely a unique experience. I'm not sure how people live up at those latitudes- I guess you'd probably get used to it. Still, winter would be worse, in my opinion.

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    Lived there. Tried it. And I love it.
    I can go back any day. The only real problem is the short summer and the mosquitos. But you get used to that too. Closet_DL: Nice to see another scandinavian here, and I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Nordkap! I can't wait to go myself actually. It's just a not-so-lenghty trip by car really =).

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    sounds amazing i always here how beautiful it is there your lucky to be able to experience something like that

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