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Thread: Will Tena for Men work for me?

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    Question Will Tena for Men work for me?

    I am 14, have a 32 in waist, and i thnk im 5' 10". i was looking on rite aid's site and found men's tena pull ups. will they work for me? if not, what do you reccomend?


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    Size wise it sounds fine. I'd guess you want medium but might be able to get away with small. Check the packaging for the exact sizes. And remember, most diapers are sized by hips and not waist.

    The bigger question you should ask is what kind of absorbency are you looking for? Pullups tend to be pretty poor in this category but if you're okay with that then I'd say go for it.

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    There are men's pullups? I believe there are just pullups - no gender specific anything. However, there are products called "Tena lady" and "Tena men". The lady product is an oversized super-absorbent maxi pad that is to be glued to the lady's panties, while the "men" product is an absorbent pouch that is to be worn inside your underwear with your penis pointing right into it.
    At any rate, nothing like diapers! But it'll fit for just about anyone, unless there's something seriously wrong with your male anatomy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    unless there's something seriously wrong with your male anatomy.

    these: "Tena Serenity Men Protective Underwear Super Plus Absorbancy"

    I would normally just put the link but I'm on my PSP. So I can't copypaste.
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    I googled the exact name. I've never seen those things around here. Must be some American product!

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    idk... i went down under and i dont recall what (adult) diapers i saw down there cept depends.

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    Yeah, Tena does now have gender specific pullups. I got a free sample of them from the Tena website I believe and I can tell you that you should fit in the mediums no problem. However if you want something that is very absorbent, these aren't going to work for you. From what I could tell, the tena pullups for men are designed to be an alternative, perhaps one step up, from the "guards", which are like pads and meant for slight drips.

    Any heavy wetting of the tena pullups will cause them to leak and I doubt they could hold one full wetting. However if you're looking for something that's good for dealing with very slight drips, or you want something ultra discreet that you don't plan on wetting heavily, these will work for you. Just don't expect them to hold a lot, they don't.

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    Default Best pullups

    The most comforting, thick and absorbent pullup diaper I have worn is Abriflex. I occasionally wear them under clothing with thin guage plastic panties from


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    One of the major problems with most adult pull-ups is that they just don't fit well. Most do not have leak guards, have a very narrow crotch and do not absorb very fast. This yields leaky diaper. I bought some Prevail pull-ups (small), which are very similar. I'm right in the middle of the size range and they don't fit right at all. If the sides were like goodnites they would fit better. I have not heard good things about them. Unless you want to end up using the core for diaper stuffing I would stay away from them.

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