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    Talking Another Newbie

    Hi, KJ here. 26 DL (possible AB) from Ohio. Married 4 years, husband knows I like diapers, doesn't understand or participate. I joined this to get some advice about how to approach him with this gingerly and to network with other abdls. I am also very intrigued with the roleplaying forum on here. Hopefully I can catch one towards the beginning (or maybe I'll just make one!)

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    welcome to the site hun, it's a very enjoyable place and the RP are fun. enjoy your stay

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    Talking Not sure what to title this

    I am finding that as I browse this site, there is soooo much less ignorance than the previous sites I've used (which shall remain nameless). I'm just happy I stumbled upon this!

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    I am finding that as I browse this site, there is soooo much less ignorance than the previous sites I've used (which shall remain nameless).
    Oh yes, that has always been a major motivation of this forum. I'm glad it is showing! And I'd like to formally welcome you to the forum. Remember that people here are a merry bunch, so don't be afraid to post and join in conversations =)

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    I'm sure you'll get a lot of good advice here if you ask for it (although unfortunately not from me, advice giving is really a major weakness ), and good luck!

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    Welcome, and yes this is probably one of the best diaper sites out there. I like to think we are relatively intelligent, and don't deal with a lot of nonsense. We occasionally have our ups and downs, but that just makes the place interesting. Have fun.

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    Hi KJ. Another fellow Ohioan! I've been coming to this site for almost a year and must say it's the best site out there. So, tell us more about your interests - diaper and otherwise.

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    Hi KJ! I hope you're able to work things out with your situation, and I hope you have fun here.

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    Wow, I came back to more wonderful posts, this is awesome! I am 26, an art teacher, and love every minute of it. I play sports, garden, am a housewife (at times), and stay very involved with my community.

    As far as diapers go, I've had a fascination since a young age. I can remember taking the little cloth diapers off of my cabbage patch kids when i was little and getting caught with them on! Mom and dad didn't take any drastic measures, but I think deep down inside they were a little worried when they found me with my baby sister's NUk in my mouth. They threatened to take me to town with a Nuk in my mouth and make me keep it in, so I quickly abandoned that idea.

    As I got older (prolly about 16) I started noticing when I went down the grocery aisle with the feminine projects that I couldn't help look at the adult diapers! I thought i was totally obvious and was caught right then. But no one else seemed to notice. When I moved away to college, my roommate was up her boyfriend's butt 24/7 so i had the room to myself. I can remember going to Walmart and buying my first diapers (Depends with tapes) and a big birthday bag and card. I told the clerk they were for a gag gift. I couldn't wait to get home and try them. The biggest challenge was throwing them away, so I always snagged extra grocery bags at the store for triple bagging etc. I used more frequently in the following years, and even wore them to my on campus job a coupla times! I still can't believe I did that one and didn't get caught- luckily it was wintertime, so bulky wasn't as noticeable.

    After meeting my (now) hubby, I pushed all that to the back of my mind, was afraid he'd think i was a freak of nature. Turns out, he found my log in on another diapersite (saved in the damn history, lol) and my stent was up. He asked about it, I clammed up and it wasn't mentioned again until over a year later. Now he has said he's willing to try and understand, but GOD it's so hard to have that first uncomfortable conversation about this! I just don't know if i can do it. ***Deep breath, I know that was alot of info*** Hopefully I can get some good advice here about where to go from here. I've thought about a letter, but I think that leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation, but i just don't know if I can handle face2face.
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