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Thread: Missing me?

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    Default Missing me?

    Hey guys, so sorry I haven't been around.

    Our phone line broke in some way, I think it was flooded or something, and it certainly took long enough to get it fixed.

    However... since we've been off for so long, there's something wrong with our account that needs to be fixed, I've only just been told of this a couple of days ago. This shouldn't take *too* long to fix, anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

    So sorry if I worried anyone, the situation was really beyond my control!

    I hope to be back soon. Love you guys. <3

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    There must be a shortage of coffee shops with free Internet in your area then :P

    Either way, welcome back, sure as hell we missed ya. I just hit up mm3 so he can give you your official welcome-back too.


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    Yay - the spirit husky did not melt! *tight hugs* I'll keep my fingers crossed that your phone line will be fixed soon!


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    Not really, Danny. Just that I don't have anything that's wireless enabled.. although I will be getting a Nokia N95 next pay... and a netbook not long after. ;-)

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    Yay! I hope your provider is giving you some months off of pay for the outage!! Around here, something like that would NEVER fly for so long! In fact, I think it's illegal for something to be out of service for over two weeks without a tech coming out to work on it. Either way, welcome back to the internet, you Aussie thing you!

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    Welcome back, Spirit! Glad things have worked out to allow your return.


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    Hope you're fully back up and running soon. Luckily Jon gave us a heads up, so we figured it was just a matter of time until you rejoined civilization. Welcome back

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    And I suppose your phone is broken too?

    I tried calling and sending a few messages, but no reply. That made me a little uneasy about what was going on.

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