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    Default Does anyone know..

    if it is common for stress incontinence to develop to full blown incontinence?

    I've been trying to find information out about this subject as it is very personal to me but have been unable to find sufficient info.

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    Are you concerned because this has happened to you? or are you hoping that it might?

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    You have to remember that incontinence is a symptom caused by something else. For example, stress incontinence is usually caused by weak sphincter muscles, typically women that have had children can get it. It means every time you place stress on your lower abdomen (coughing, sneezing, laughing, etc.), you can have a small amount of leakage. By "full blown incontinence", I assume you mean a lot of leakage no matter what. However, that would only happen if your sphincter muscles were completely trashed - wiped out (or your incontinence was from another source - like urge incontinence stemming from your bladder muscles and nerves themselves). There are diseases that could cause that to happen. If you suspect something like that then I would highly recommend seeing a doctor.

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    From what i've read during the years on medical articles and post in incontinence message boards, stress incontinence can worsen to full blown incontinence but like diaper degraw said before it's not very common. Stress incontinence is triggered by other bodily "faults" than for example urge incontinence.

    If you want to know more please let us now or ask your urologist

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    There's really no reason why it can't develop into that. Incontinence, disregarding the source, is your muscles weakening and unable to hold back either your urine or poop.

    So it makes perfect sense that, if you're incontinent long enough, that your muscles have significantly weakened and therefor are untrained. Even if your stress is gone, your muscles are now weak from not being used in so long.

    I'd imagine that would take a long time to happen though. And this is all my assumption, but it makes perfect sense.

    (Oh sweet - 400th post)

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    Even with stress incontinence, the muscles are being used all the time, they just aren't strong enough to hold back under extreme pressure. Normal contractions of the bladder won't cause leakage until it gets severe. It can become full-blown, but not caused from the stress incontinence itself, unless the sphincter is completely non-functional. In that case, urge incontinence would likely develop as well.
    (I don't assume the original question was relating to bowel continence.)
    Whatever is causing the muscles to become weaker is the main factor of if it will progress any further over time.

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    I was IC for a while. It started out with stress induced but then evolved to times when I wasn't super stressed. So yes it does happen, but control can also be regained over time.

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    I was never fully IC and i don't really want to be...Because it would be VERY HARD too wear all the time.

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    If you don't make any significant effort to try and treat the stress incontinence, you could possibly develop full-on incontinence (depending on what kind though, like #1, 2) But, it's pretty rare.

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