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    Hey there! Around furry forums, they call me The Scritcher - you're free to call me Syd, though. I tried joining another AB/DL forum; I think it was called Fox Tale Times, and I got treated pretty poorly on my intro thread. I decided to leave quietly, and find another forum.

    Anyway: I am a TeenFur, and a fairly NewFur at that. While looking up different aspects of the furry fandom, I found Babyfurs. Looking more into it, it seemed really interesting to me - I even found myself creating a babyfur character, and wanting to wear diapers (I'll post more on my stories later). Mentally, I'm kind of wishing to be a baby in stressed times, so that I can be cared for 24/7, and not have to deal with drama in the social part of life.

    Though he is not my first fursona, my babyfur character is somewhat of a panda cub (this is probably bad, because of that babyfur pedophile with a panda fursona on the news, but whatever). I have yet to name him, but I will soon. Hopefully, I'll get an icon of him, too - for now, though, it'll be a baby Spongebob.

    I hope to have a good time here. ^^

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    welcome Syd, i been on that site a few times but never noticed the forums part of it. guess i wasent sniffing hard enouph, "giggles"

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    haya syd welcome to the fourms ^^ love seeing new furrys

    post around abit ya will find we friendly enough we dont bite (much)


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    Pandas are pretty cool as a group, even if there are one or two bad eggs; being distant relatives of raccoons, how could they not?

    And please don't stress when one forum has its own views on what a good intro looks like; our idea of a good intro is not the same as an adult-only site that emphasizes graphic and explicit ageplay, for instance. And don't be put off by a bad reaction to one's intro: many people don't appreciate how much their negativity can hurt peoples' feelings; and if you persist people will come to appreciate you.

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    Welcome to Adisc!

    It's always cool to see new furries come along, so I hope you enjoy the site. : )

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    Thank you all for the warm welcome. ^^ And Raccoon, that's some good advice, and I'll try to keep it in mind.

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    Hey there Scritcher, and welcome to Adisc.
    I'm sad to hear the people over at Fox Tales Times didn't welcome you properly. They are nice people too, although a close group at most times which might make it difficult to be a newcomer there. Most people in the babyfur community are nice however, so stay social. Here on Adisc I can safely say that you'll be welcomed warmly.

    I know how it is to be new on the furry scene and with no drawing or picture of your fursona. If you would be interested, I can draw you a badge or half-body pose - provided you have enough details of your character already worked out. Get back to me. And again, welcome to Adisc!

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope that this site can bring ya valuable information about the lifestyle of *b/dlism.

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    Thank you both. ^^

    @ Kuzzy: If you would make me a badge or avatar, that would be wonderful. <3 I do have two pictures of him, but they're... not that great, I think. ^^; But, I'll PM you with the details. Thank you~

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