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Thread: My kitty had a baby!!!!

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    Default My kitty had a baby!!!!

    My kitty had a baby a few days ago!! It's at my dad's so I won't actualy get to see it in person for about two weeks but he sent me some pics so... here ya go FullMetal!!

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    Isn't it cute?!

    Oh and I get to name it but I don't know what. Any ideas?

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    i love kittens!!!! i love it when they get a little bigger and start to play and explore. thats when the cutness reaches maximum capasity. my favorite thing is when ther's a bunch of kittens in one spot, and you wave something, every one of their heads follows it. its halarious.

    i also have two kitten stories that i want to share.

    at a cub scout resident camp i worked at, a kitten came out of the woods crying, half starved, and a terrible eye infection. the director took it to the vet, and we kept him in the director's office so the scouts wouldn's see it (we weren't allowed to have pets and parents might get angry). the kitten was the nicest, most playfull kitten i've ever known. anyone who sat down in that room would have soon find it on their lap purring loudly. and if you threw a crumpled up peice of paper on the floor (its favorite toy) it would tear it to shreads in a secont.

    at the summer camp i worked at, another kitten appered. while some staff went to feed the chickens we had on our day off, a kitten came out to see them. they gave it some of the food they were going to give to the chickens. the kitten followed them all the way back to the staff campsight, and instantly made itself at home. we gave it some more food and it never left. when the scouts came the next day, we brought the kitten (which we named shadow) to the area it came out at, which was also the area i worked at. it stayed there all week, even when we left for the staff campsight. eventually, one of the staffers brought it home and adopted it, but it was fun while it lasted.

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    Awww bless!

    I love cats! And kittens!
    So cute!

    Name it Banquo, I've always wanted to name a cat that. XD


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    Awww ^^. Thats adorable, I bet FullMetal will be happy too lol

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    awww, only one? my kitty had like 6 so we couldn't keep 'm all

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    Yeah she just had one kitten. But now we have five cats all together :p We've had cats ever since I was like one.

    Kitty - We were little ok?! I think her original name was Patches but we just called her Kitty. She was a calico and kinda hated me cuz my best friend and I used to dress her up and all kinds of torture! Not to mention I used to carry her funny. But then again, she hated every living thing except my oldest sister. She died of a tumor a few years ago when she was eleven. She was beautiful.

    Tigger - I think we got him a lil after we got Kitty. He was FAT! About 22 pounds I believe. He was sooooo cuddley. If you went outside he'd be there meowing at your feet in seconds! He was our only guy cat. And the only one that we kept outside. He either ran away or got cat-nappep when we were away during christmas break year befor last.

    Nixxon - My brother got her from a shelter but then he gave her to us about a year after he got her cuz he couldn't keep her in his new appartment. She's kinda fat too. She's black with white paws and a white tummy and half of her nose was white. She liked to be held like you would cradle a baby. We had to give her back to my bro when my mom and I moved in with my grandma in January. We can't have any cats here cuz my grandma will trip over them but we're gonna get all except Nixxon when we move back home in May.

    Static - Our ADHD vampire kitten! You'd understand if you ever met her. We got her when she was four weeks old. She likes to play. Alot! She has sharp claws and knows it! She's only still if she's sleeping. Any other time she's running around the house wreaking havic! She hates to be held. We think she was abused or something before we got her.

    Larry Lucy - My sister wanted to name her Lucy and I wanted to name her Larry therefore we named her Larry Lucy. She showed up on our porch after my sister's graduation last year. She had a collar mark on her neck so she must have been someone's pet before. She's gray and really graceful and majestic. She's sooooo soft and gentle. She sleeps alot. But she's really fun when she's playful.

    Oliver - I was at camp when we got her but my mom said that they found her in the bushes infront of our house. We think she was about two or three months old when we found her. She's a tabby cat. She likes to play but she also likes to cuddle. She's allways at your feet crying for attention. We were gonna get her fixed soon but obviously not soon enough lol Oh well. I like kittens :p

    Oliver's new baby - Well I don't really know much about him/her yet. But she was born about three or four days ago. And Olly's the mommy. And he/she's gray with stripes. lol I can't wait to see him/her!!

    I miss my kitties

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