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Thread: just got some underjams!

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    Default just got some underjams!

    hey its the first time i buy any diapers my sister used to play dolls and she had a few baby diapers that were in a box and after wearing a few of them in my pants i wanted something more so i got these im currently trying to find a good place to hide them im happy this website exist it got me the courage to get some . im thinking of hiding them in a storage box in my closet which my parents put a bunch of coputer games you guys think its a good idea?

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    I would rather pull the bottom drawer of my dresser and place them under it, the dresser has been my most secure place to hide things while I was living with my folks. They could always decide to get rid of the old computer games then you would be in trouble.

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    the problem with the dresser is that the front bottom of it is like an arch and youc an see all the way to the back but they wont throw the computer games away because they are mine and i told em specially not to also they are mixed in with computer manuals has well has recently bought games

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    Bluescluesbaby knows what their talking about n.n under the bottom drawer always worked out great for me. Nobody rearranges furniture that often so yeah!

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    and how do you open these? i have never oppened a pack of diapers :/ its sorta confusing

    ya but you can see under my bottom drawer the bottom makes a sort of arch and you can see to the back my cat used to loose its toys under there a LOT
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    I tried my first and last underjam today, I was very disapointed I'm glad it was a free sample I got what I paid for.

    I barely can be called a diaper, 2 light wettings and my shorts were soaked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randomdice101 View Post
    and how do you open these? i have never oppened a pack of diapers :/ its sorta confusing
    think i found it nvm XD i changed the angle of the pack and i saw the little tearing side sorry lol so new to this

    ya but im really not so much looking to use these for wetting more then just confort i used to put baby diapers in my udnerwear without using them cause they obviously didnt fit might have been papemrs size 3 or something it was jsut for confort
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    i use to keep them under my dresser drawer on the bottom aswell, worked for 7 years before i moved out, another good palce if you mother dosent go into you room often is behind some stuff in the top of your closet.

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    If you cannot hide them in under the dresser, another one of myu fav places to hide were up inside the box spring of my bed. I just made a small slit in it with a knife, and unpacked them into it... If you are careful when making the slit, u can barely see it then also you can randomly distribute the weight within the boxspring accross the cross members of it.

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    ya i hid em in a box wearing my first pair it feels good im going to use it before i shower tomorrow probably getting them wasnt too stressing but i was still a bit scared i hope the sides dont rip my waste is a bit big ill be careful XD

    thanks blues clues but i dont think i want to gut out part of my bed XD im not very skilled with knives
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