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    OMG!! I went rafting today in a Tahiti. Down the Rogue River. I was alone in my tahiti. The journey took like 9 hours. i went down with a river guide and like 8-10 other people. Had to naviagate my self through class one-three rapids. It was kinda odd since i allmost flipped over on a class one xD. But i just fwooshed through the class 3 big one. With only one casulaty in our party on the class 3. Which i had to rescue her stuff. She flipped xD. It was fun. But i got burned to a crisp. Anyway..... Whos been rafting? Has anyone been on a class 4 rapids?
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    I love rafting and canoeing. Here in my home state I am surrounded by great rivers, including the Buffalo National River which is a very scenic place, and a great local secret call the Cossatot, which is derived from a local Tribe's word for "bone crusher" to give you a hint as to its demeanor.

    I've gotten to travel east to Tennessee to the Ocoee river to go extreme white water rafting on the site selected and used for the kayak and canoe slalom events in the 1996 summer Olympics, and I've gotten to travel west to raft the headwaters of the namesake river of my state through Royal Gorge in Colorado. I wish I could travel the world enjoying the high adventures to be found. Sadly I'm not so gifted in financing and free time .

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    I went once it was a great experience, I went down the Snake river in Jackson Hole, I would do it again.

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    I love rafting, I was down in Peru on a mission trip, and the last couple of days we had open because we had finished the school we were building. Anyways, we all went up into the mountains a way (we were building the school in a foothills city called Ņaņa) to a resort that was specifically for rafting, and we rafted quite a ways down through the Andes. I don't remember what the name of the river was, but it was mostly 1 and 2 with a little bit of class 3.

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    I've done class 3 - in a canoe, I havr to say it takes alot of experience to get through, you're just constantly changing course as the waves change as you approach them, turn to sharo and you're in. It was one of the most hellish 15-20 seconds of my life, also some of the most enjoyable.

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