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    So, I am looking into getting a cloth all in one..does anybody have any recommendations as to where to get them and like what i should look into for sizing.

    Basically im looking for any suggestions as to getting one.

    edit...even though this is started and what not...guess I didn't search well enough. I am still looking for ideas. I believe I am going to get some cloth and stuff...
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    Don't buy an all-in one. They leak horribly... plus they are a pain to wash and dry. If you want cloth you will need a properly fitting cloth diaper and separate plastic panties.

    All that said... LuvsGurl sews some great fitted cloth diapers... available in a number of patterns... for a good price.

    Please take a look at her shop (SecretRoom on Etsy - SecretRoom Creations) a few members here have ordered from her and are most pleased with the product.

    Special orders are available.

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    another place that i got my cloth from was Welcome to Gabbys i got some really good stuff on there but unfortunately i ordered medium cloth and they are way to big on me, but just be careful on what size you order and they do ship discretely

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    Another place on etsy is nevergrowup, they are very affordable at 15 dollars, I bought about 6 but haven't had time to wear them.

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    I got a Kennicare AIO off ebay last year and they su*k!!! Like Darkfinn mentioned they leak, are hard to wash and the water proof stuff didn't last a half dozen washings. Now there just cloth fitteds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballucanb View Post
    Another place on etsy is nevergrowup, they are very affordable at 15 dollars, I bought about 6 but haven't had time to wear them.
    do you have a link or something?

    wish me luck. Just ordered these

    Babykins: KINS Adult Velcro Cotton Diaper

    Along with some plastic pants and some stuffers.
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