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Thread: How long before a change is necessary?

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    Default How long before a change is necessary?

    I've been wondering if I could go a while without changing, while wet. I don't want to mess because it could cause serious diaper rash. But, I don't think any harm would come from staying wet, no?

    How long, at an absolute maximum, do you think I could go, with a fully soaked diaper (bambino) without being changed?

    I'm thinking 2-3 days.. (yeah, I'm )

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    idk I have been all night in a wet makeshift and when I woke up I was fine but the toilet paper I used as a soaker was dry by then

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    Warm + damp, will cause bacteria to breed, everybody knows that... An hour or 2 is fine, 2 or 3 days isn't. You'll make yourself sick. Also, don't think that you'l not get a serious rash by not messing, you're still going to get an extremely bad rash from sitting in your own piss for 3 days...

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    Smells like a bad idea to me... no really, ammonia smells really bad and it can do terrible things to your skin after 2-3 days of direct exposure to your skin. I'd say you'd give in after no more than 6 hours, thats when the rash will really be bugging you, methinks...

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    I think at the most 2-3 hours, After that it would get uncomfortable.

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    Okay, thanks for the input! I was really unsure about this.

    What I was also thinking that if this wasn't a good idea, was to take a shower and let plain old water absorb into the diaper, and then spend the rest of the night and overnight in it.

    Better idea?

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    If you use lotion before you diaper up, then the only thing that would be forcing you to change would be the level of absorbancy in your diaper. I only change when my diaper is about to leak. To find out how much your diaper can hold before it leaks, just keep wearing it till it does leak, and take an observation of how much pee was inside it at the time of the leak. Then you'll know how long you can stay in a diaper before changing.

    You shouldn't get a rash if you use Vaseline, or Baby Lotion pre diapering, and when changing. A little powder will help with the smell too, (if there is any). I don't really notice the smell of pee, but i'm sure others do sometimes. It also depends on what you drink during the day. As for poop, you shouldn't stay in a messy diaper for longer than an hour. Not only does it stink up your room, but you could get a Hemeroid from sitting in a messy diaper for too long. I haven't gotten one yet, but i heard they're rather unpleasent.

    Hope this helps,


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    Half a day maximum, I'd say.
    I've worn diapers for half a day, leaving in the morning and returning in the evening. By the time I took them off, they usually smelled pretty bad (and not from #2!), and the smell was enough to tell me that the local bateria population in my diaper was having a huge party! I don't want to think about the smell and health hazard from a diaper that's been on my butt for 24 hours or more.


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    I would have to say 24 hours max for safety/health reasons and around 12 hours for comfort reasons... In all honesty 12 hours or so is a good upper limit for being wet.

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    I've worn a Abri X-plus for 24 hours once... it came apart after that.

    Typically my diapers leak long before I get tired of being in them.

    I do wear Bambinos to work... and don't change till I get home. 8am-6pm. I use a good amount of powder... never had a problem with rashes.

    I certainly wouldn't reccomend going 3 days though... I don't think a disposable could really hold up that long... plus you'd be leaking after the first.

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