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    Hi, Im 17 and from Nebraska just started to find out about this online community of people that like to wear diapers.

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    Tell us more about yourself hobbies/ interestes etc etc.

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    Well welcome to the boards Apple. I hope your time here is fun. Im still new here I would say and everyone has been really nice. So im sure they will do the same for you.

    ^_^ Kokuei ^_^

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    Im new to this whole thing and I have not gotten any diapers and I was just wondering did you guys have this attraction to diapers.

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    Welcome to ADISC Apple. I'm sure you have a lot of burning questions that you want answering, and don't hesitate to ask them. However, we would also like to know you as a person, and your intro thread is the perfect place for us to do that. You could tell us about anything you feel comfortable with, such as hobbies, or your line of work, etc. So, if I may ask YOU a question... what is your favourite apple?

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    Its funny you would think im talking about apples. Yes I do like golden apples. I do like apple computers too. On Monday im going to go to this pharmacy and buy some diapers any ideas. Also any hidding places. Sorry for the questions. Also what do you guys do on the computer so you parents cant find what your looking at. I have my own computer but I want to be safe.

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