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Thread: Fear of waking up late?

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    Default Fear of waking up late?

    Does anyone else get this sometimes? Like if I know I need to get up for something, like work and i wake up like an hour before i have too, i will sleep for 5 minutes and wake up repeating this. Does this happen to many people?

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    Sounds like my usual morning. I cant ever get to sleep at night, so I am pretty much always dragging around in the morning.

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    I used to, but then I honed my "skills" and now I can wake myself up at any exact time, give or take five minutes. At night, before i go to sleep, i'll tell myself "wake up at 8AM" and I do every time.

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    I did that the night before I took my SAT's....>< Horrible sleep I got that night, when I needed a good night's sleep the most too. I think it's just your mind is running too much and keeping you up every few minutes.

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    I think that happens to everyone untill they get a routene down to where the body know when to wake.

    I worked like 6 to 8 months a year and when my work year started I had trouble getting regulated, but after a while I just became automatic I got up at 4:15 every morning.

    Same thing happend when I got laid off for the year I had to break myself of getting up early a little at a time.

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    I'm always scared i won't wake up for something important... I end up setting my alarm like 30 minutes early then throw the volume all the way up.

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    This happens to me all the time, I've learned over the years to just get up and out of bed when it happens. If I try and go back to be, I've noticed that when the alarm goes off, I'm super tired and and crabby the rest of the day

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    i do it all the time when i working, and even on my days off it happens when i tri and sleep in, my mind has just become so use to waking up that early in the morning now that it's just natural, i just never like waking up at 5:30 on a sunday morning..

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