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Thread: Sleeping pills = bedwetting?

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    Default Sleeping pills = bedwetting?

    Load up on water, throw on a diaper and take a prescription-strength sleeping pill. Do you think you'd wet when you wake up??

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    Well it worked for me once or twice.... Go for it? ^^'''

    You do'nt know till you try!

    Just make sure your diaperd up really thickly. With a good fit. I did'nt get away with just 1 abena x+. Leaked D:

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    Doesn't work unless you have a weak bladder or are receptive to it. I take ambien to sleep by prescription, but my body will still wake me up if I have to go.

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    I wwish it would work! i can never wet the bed and I wish I could. it would give me a good reason to tell people so I could wear every night!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GundamMeister7 View Post
    I wwish it would work! i can never wet the bed and I wish I could. it would give me a good reason to tell people so I could wear every night!
    Yay! Gundam got his name fixed! I can get away wetting the bed. But the pills make me really sleepy and leathargic throughout the day. And i can't have that with swim team pratice xD!

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    Hey, I have to add though, seriously don't take anything that hasn't been prescribed. And even if it's only store-bought sleeping tablets, if you also take any other meds, check with the pharmacist that it doesn't interact. For example, some sleeping tablets can be dangerous with some antidepressants, even fatal. Nytol for example is basically an antihistamine. Drowsiness is a side effect of antihistamines, so it is essentially a side-effect only medicine! If you already take Piriton or something, this might add up to a higher than safe dose. And alcohol is out if taking sleeping drugs, right? Just a thought. Sorry to be boring.

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    All the non-prescription sleep drugs (non-herbal) are antihistamines. Same thing with motion sickness pills. (I'm weird, they have the opposite effect on me) As Elli said check with your Dr. or pharmacist first if you are taking other meds and have health issues. For most people this will not cause you to wet in your sleep. Hell I have been knocked out with Demerol several times and have never woken up wet.

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    I will take this moment to make a public service announcement.


    The side effects can be very dangerous. Most sleeping pills carry with them a risk of dependency.

    That said... a good quantity of water or soda combined with a few Benadryl allergy pills has produced the desired effects before... and Benadryl is pretty safe as long as you stay within the suggested dosages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    That shit makes me hyper. It is like crack!
    It has the opposite effect on me too.

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