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Thread: Rash? Yeast Infection

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    Default Rash? Yeast Infection

    I have a Really bad rash here, airing out and rash cream isnt helping me much at all so I asked a friend and he seems to think its a yeast infection

    Has anyone here had to deal with such an issue ?

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    Nothing quite as emasculating as having to buy vagisil for yourself...

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    I've had a few yeast infections, specifically from bubble-baths... never from diapers though and I don't get rashes. Just a vaginal discharge. I'd give advice, but it's different for males than females, iirc.

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    This site has decent info about yeast infections for males: American Chronicle | Yeast Infection in Males: Surprising FACTS

    The major symptoms of yeast infection in males, of which some are easy to identify visually, are: (1) sporadic discharge from the penis; (2) tingling or painful irritation, an uncomfortable feeling in the penis; (3) swelling, red color and a very sensitive penis; (4) a rash in blotches on the glans penis that causes pain.
    honestly a rash could be an indicator of many different things- I'd go to your GP and have them check it out, if they think it's anything that needs more practiced hands they'll send you to a specialist of sorts. you dont have to mention you were wearing diapers if they ask you questions about what you've been doing lately around that area, but you can say you've been using certain items (especially if you've been using certain lubes, creams or lotions of any type, like diaper rash cream). ^^ we're not doctors on here, at least not that i know of, and we also can't see the actual infected area, so it's much better to go to a professional for that. After all, they didn't spend thousands of dollars and years of schooling just for people to self-diagnose, and ask others on the internet. =p

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    They make creams for yeast infections. But I can offer some other advise.

    #1: Use something like Gold Bond medicated powder when you change.

    #2: Wash frequently, and give yourself some time to air out.

    #3: Get better diapers. The good ones have some chemicals in them to help neutralize the PH of your urine... which will help with rashes.

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