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Thread: Attends 10 Classic Fit?

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    Default Attends 10 Classic Fit?

    I found these are they any good? Cheap, $12 for 24.

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    That's a good deal... go for it.

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    So I bought them and they are very plain, white tapes that say Attends, 4 tapes, and have an odd covering on the inside of the diaper...any good?

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    They are o.k. Not as good as "old school" Attends. Just watch the shipping on single packs... It could kill the good deal.

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    They're that cheap at a pharmacy by my house.

    And these are pretty old school, I think so...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kadillac View Post
    ...any good?
    You are the one that has them... you tell us.

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    I hated those. To me the inside had a "plastic" feel to it and they really irritated my skin. I ended up using another diaper inside so they felt better. I did however like the plastic on the outside and the tapes.

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