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Thread: may he rest in peace

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    Wink may he rest in peace

    Today I met the world's nicest peach. His body was smooth, almost hairless, and a generous mix of brilliant yellow and deep red. His only clothing was a small oval label announcing his name, Orchard Perfect. Although it seems a strange name, it curiously fit him very well. His stem was still in place, nicely recessed in an otherwise plump body, which itself was soft and inviting of intimacy. I spent time caressing it sensuously, and even gave it a quick bath.

    I said a quick prayer with him, in German.

    Once I had his confidence and cooperation, I kissed him.

    Then I placed my teeth (all three of them) on his skin and pressed down. A little bit of his nectar seeped out. The taste was exquisite, and I told him so. He squeaked.

    I continued caressing him, now with my tongue, then with my teeth again, until a small section of his skin and flesh separated from his body. I tried to comfort him, saying that I'd help him heal, but I knew in my hypocritical mind that I was lying through the aforementioned teeth.

    The taste and texture of what I had just bitten off began to drive me to a frenzy, and I started biting off more. The juice covered my face, only serving to drive me further mad, and pretty soon I had removed half of his body. His core laid naked in my hand, and I worshipped it with my mouth, kissing it and sucking all its juice and flesh off. I calmed down a little after that, slowing my consumption rate, and I savored the other half of his flesh peacefully and reverently.

    Once I had finished, I repeated the prayer.

    Now a memoir of the occasion, almost a eulogy:

    Orchard Perfect, you were the cat's meow of peaches, and I will always remember you fondly. You gave yourself cheerfully and lovingly for the pleasure of a mere mortal, and your core will be laid to rest in a place that will hopefully allow your memory to be revered by succeeding generations. Meanwhile, your sibling awaits his master, in the same fruit basket wherein I first made your acquaintance. I hope he is as enthusiastic as you were

    May you rest in peace.
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    .... Ewwww...

    *not sure if I'll be able to each peaches anymore..* =P

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    Skinny you just made my skin crawl.

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    Someone likes their peaches WAY WAY WAY too much and has WAYYYYYYYYYY too much free time on their hands. (but then again i have dun odd stuff like this with my spare time too)

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    Actually, this was the first peach in many years that I have been able to enjoy. Mostly the ones I have bought have been dry and mealy. So I thought I'd express my deep appreciation.

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    Well, Kevintje once made a photo story of how he devoured a peach. It was cruel, to say the least!

    I shall now commence to form the PLO - Peaches Liberation Organization! Everyone join today!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    Well, Kevintje once made a photo story of how he devoured a peach. It was cruel, to say the least!

    I shall now commence to form the PLO - Peaches Liberation Organization! Everyone join today!

    Select Case Humor()
    Case "Crocker":
    Case "PETA":
    Case "None":
    This is not the story for you.
    End Select

    But seriously , that story, was like, "Wow... Am I truly reading this? His mind must be really fascinating to write something like this." It was amusing to me, while at the same time, horrifying in the personification you drafted unto the peach. Seriously, haha. Well, I guess this was an interesting twist to my day. Dunno if I can ever eat a fruit the same way. But, I'm sure the fruit is in a better place now... *Thinks about where peach most likely is now* ... I take that back. Haha.

    Either way, it was thoroughly interesting for you to think of something that way. Very unique way to look at things.

    Also, was haben Sie im Deutsch gesagte?

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    Haha wow, In my mind I could really see you eating that peach

    truly epic post

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