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Thread: Leaking from the top of diaper

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    Default Leaking from the top of diaper

    Has anyone else had the problem of leaking from the top front of diaper,
    yesterday I wet my diaper then lay down on my stomach and it leaked around the waistband at the top, butit was no way near full, and penis was pointing down

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    That is actually quite common with lower quality diapers. Perhaps laying down is not the best idea? There really isn't anything you can do about it, except for not laying down, or to be careful how fast you lay down (slow, so the pee displaces, not leaks out of the gel).

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    Yeah, I don't pee while lying down on my stomach. It generally leaks. I have a bit of a gut, which doesn't help the fit any. Just try not to go on your stomach, and you'll be fine.

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    sounds like you need to make the top tapes tighter for a more snug fit.

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    Yeah. If I ever do leak, it usually comes from the top first. Maybe when I get some higher quality diapers that would be remedied I hope?

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    Yeah when i wore to bed. I woke up wet and the sheets soaked D:. I think i might of wet so much that me squishing the diaper squished the moisture out through the top.

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    Actually, this has never happened to me.

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    i would try a booster pad near the top portion of the diaper next time.

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    Don't lie down, especially in bed. Do what Darkfinn suggested and tighted your tapes more. Or, you might try using duct tape to create a seal between your tummy and the top of the diaper. It might take some getting used to, but I'm sure it'll work.

    Cheap stuff and flooding don't mix.

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