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Thread: What would be the odds of my family finding out...

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    Default What would be the odds of my family finding out...

    I'm trying to think if I should just order a case of abenas or something soon. I really want to try 24/7 wearing, but can't let my family know What are the odds that they'll know? I'm most worried about my mom finding out.

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    We can't really tell you, as we don't know your family.

    But if you live with your parents still and are around them a lot, I'm guessing they'd find out sooner or later. -shrug-

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    Is it receiving the shipment that worries you, or the fact that they might notice your diapers if you're wearing 24/7? Personally I'd be more worried of the second, but just wondering.

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    I get computer packages all the time, so I'm not really worried about the shipments. And my knows I'm into this and doesn't really like it. She thinks I'm out of it. She has asked me almost a year after she found out if I was still into it, but that's all.

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    I wouldn't try 24/7 with family around. That's just me, but it seems there would be a higher risk of discovery.

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    Ah, hm. Well, I can't really see wearing 24/7 around family for too long. It would be next to impossible to hide it all the time. I think if you wear 24/7, sooner or later something will slip up and they'll notice. Perhaps it's better to wait until you've moved out.. though I understand the urge to try it . You could probably get away with it for a few days at least.

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    Well, I'm going 24/7 this week while they're all gone. But with Depends, I can't really do it full force -_-.

    How long does a laxative last? I could use one about now. Not for fun, but to get myself cleaned out, I haven't pooped in maybe a couple weeks But it tried to come out, but never does.

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    24/7 has always seemed risky... Especially with my family...
    My family is made up of the kinds of people who playfully hit your but when you walk bye... That's no good.

    There isn't enough information to sufficiantly answer the question.

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    I need t get my lock fixed. My brother took my good lock when we switched rooms, I've got the biggest one now. But the lock is pickable. He's able to open it with qtips and often comes in in the morning while I'm asleep to get to his 'hunting' box. It's to big to go in his new room, but I think he just does it to annoy me. I should move that to his room, find a place for it while he's gone lol.

    Other than that, I'm usually in my room while their here. I'm home alone in the mornings except while my brother is out of school for the summer

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    Are you aware of how large a case of nappies would be? I've never ordered a case, so I can't say, but I have ordered a 30 pack (large, night) and that was bigger than my microwave.

    Maybe see how you go without family around first, so you get an idea of what it would mean to conceal it.

    It sounds quite worrying that you haven't 'gone' in maybe a couple of weeks. I wonder if it's 'seek medical advice' time. Here's some info, which says about the different kinds of laxatives.

    Constipation - Treatment

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