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Thread: Just bought some Depends...

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    Default Just bought some Depends...

    Just bought some depends since I didn't have the cash to order online like I usually do. God, these things are paper thin! How can anyone even use them. Also, I think I ordered the wrong size to I got a Small/Medium bag and they fit, but the tapes don't come around to the front like my Medium Abenas did

    And these waist linings are uncomfortable They itch my waist and all

    Oh well, better then nothing I guess.

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    yeah, that's the down side of them, though they are more affordable than Tenas or other brands, they tend to have a poorer quality. I had a couple in my stash. Also sizes vary from brand to brand.

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    I guess you could stack them?
    You are right in saying they are better than nothing, good luck!

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    Find the thread about using a goodnight core to stuff the liner of a depends or other cheap diaper.

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    I can't use no more money and just buying these almost killed me

    All the cashier (girl) said was nice shirt lol. I was going to try and get some powder and all but decided not to there.

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    I know its been said a million times, but it will get easier every time you do it. Eventually you'll wish you could still get that kind of rush you first experienced when purchasing or going in public.

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    never been a depends fan, ill stick to the Abena-Xplus or even a molicare.

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    Congrats for buying something!

    Depends ain't the greatest... but they'll do in a pinch. I buy some every now-and-again just to wear around the house... save the expensive diapers for when I'm going out.

    If the tapes don't come all the way around the front, you are fine... they don't do that for me either. Remember these are Small/Medium, not just Medium... so they are going to be a bit... small.

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    Well, its not that they're bad quality... they're supposed to be made for people who have mild incontinence, not for people with heavy incontinence. They don't need as much padding.

    Correct, am I not?

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