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Thread: What to eat with over easy or sunny side up eggs.

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    Default What to eat with over easy or sunny side up eggs.

    Hmm, what should I eat with them? I've never had them and for some reason I've taken to cooking a lot lately. So, I'm going to try either over easy or sunny side up. What should I eat with them? I would think it'd be nasty since it's mostly the egg whites and the yolks wouldn't be as done as I'm used to. Need something to eat lol.

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    neither one use said egg's to make french toast.

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    Crap, you've got me wanting french toast now -_-. Hmm, I just beat the eggs and pour it over toast and fry it don't I?

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    I usually make bacon and toast with my eggs but if you wanna spice things up, poach the eggs, but while they're cooking pop the yolk just a teeny tiny bit so you get a bit of it in the white then add sausage, salt, pepper, and a teeny tiny bit of like taco seasoning or some kind of mexican seasoning and add salsa and then NOM also serve with rice, refried beans, in a tortilla, whatev

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    I'll only eat my eggs scrambled. I think there gross any other way way. But I'll a kind of picky eater as well...

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    Hmmmm, What i like with scrambled eggs is crisp bacon, well done potato hash, sourdough toast done to a crisp lightly butterd. With milk!! And tell me your not hungry after that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryce View Post
    I did em over easy with some cinammon in it. Good eatting XD.
    ^^ that with some pancakes, maple syrup, and bacon cannot be bested.

    Damn. I'm hungry now.

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    This thread is awesome. It's Sunday morning, I just got up, and I haven't had breakfast yet. If I had eggs or bacon I'd get started right now...

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