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    I wish there were more furry rp's. There just isn't enough. give me some rp ideas maby we can make an awesome rp for us.

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    Well most of the current normal RPs can be just turned furry. But as i would assume you want something more creative um......... well one RP that i started a long time ago as a one on one with a furry friend of mine and i may bring it here. Was in a nut shell:

    There were two dimensions, A furry world and a human world that paralleled eachother. there was one location that was in both worlds connecting them. It was an old set of ruins in the human world. (all that was left was a bunch of rocks covered in moss) In the Furry world the ruins were anything but ruins and part of a great temple with the ruins in the center acting as a nexus.

    In the human world the ruins were located in the woods and many a time kids would be dared to spend a night at the ruins or risk being called a scaredy cat. While they slept some times the ruins would activate and teleport the kids to the furry world, makeing them a furry in the process (age would depend on the person). Once in the furry world they would be picked up by people in the temple and fixed up and put in the adoption center to be chosen by a new family.

    IF anyone and enough ppl finds this intresting i will clean up the explination i just gave. Make the entrance form and start the RP in the RP section.


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    Sounds like fun Kokuei.

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    I think it should be more of a story cause it is a very detailed idea. would make a fantastic read. I suggest you try writting it. If you can't come up with a direction try turning it into a rp and using the progression of posts to develop an idea.

    Or you could pm me and I could help you write the story.

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    Well i suppose it could be either a story, RP or both. I do have occasional ideas that really go extensive. but they start good or i hit a major road block.

    The only story i had that i could probably make extensivly was my own version of a zombie/ mutateing viral out break, called Day Zero. I might be able to dig it up and continue it. I only had a first chapter, but plenty of ideas for other chapters.

    ok back on topic. Yea i might do both. Start it as an rp. then on the side Jesse and me could work on makeing it into a story. But yea I will start it as an RP as sooon as i have enought free time. my moms birthday is comming up so i need to prepare.

    But Jesse instead of PMing do you have like AIM or YIM? that way we could talk in more reall time?

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    id be interested in it aswell, would be a fun one to play though,

    on a side note i think i read a story a bit ago that was the same idea basically but i dont remember where it was anymore.

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    I've joined in the RP. Very interested in the idea of seeing a story out of this.

    If any help is needed, I'll throw my hat in the ring.

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